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If you were stuck on an magical island? Name three people & Explain why would you want to be stuck with them?#mighty Family#teamwork 💪🥰🤗

I would be stuck with some who would. Have alot of knowledge in plant's. And the other person a healer, and the last person someone with a sense of humour.#mighty Family#teamwork .😊👍


If You Were Stuck On An Island,Who Would You Want To Be Stuck With? And Why?#the Mighty Family #teamwork #Family 💪

If you were stranded somewhere on a magical island. How many people would you pick to hangout with. And explain why you would pick this team of people?


Team work

I really don't need everyone's conspiracies.

Im on a need to know basis right now.
Im not stupid. I am aware what a lot of these shortages of everything mean and I am aware that with the borders closing we will all have to find ways to adapt to a new lifestyle. Right now for me, surprisingly since im in a hospital, there has not been a lot of changes for me personally. (But most of us know that can change quickly, any time.)

I have always been one to try to eat more local foods then anything. I have often thought in the past about strictly eating local produced things anyway, so honestly, the whole not being able to eat things sourced from other countries does not bother me much at all. Plus, it's so much better for the environment.
We are so lucky to pretty much have all the essentials we need to survive as a human just in this country alone.
We should be more frightened for the countries who have absolutely no access to clean water now.

The other factor that is a little scary at the moment is the fact that the suppliers for our medical supplies that are in Canada can't even keep up to the demand right now. (In some cases those workers are being laid off due to lack of materials to continue to produce medical supplies) Many places in the world can't right now.
For regular healthy people who just want to wear a mask as a precaution, try to find a way to buy a reusable one. Likely someone on is making and selling them, or you could likely even look up online how to make your own. Save the sterile disposable ones to the healthcare workers and medical staff that desperately need them. The ones who are risking their own and their families lives just to help save the population of the city or town they work in. Without them, there might not be much of a population left at all when this is all over.

More then ever before, THINK LOCAL, SUPPORT ARTISTS, FARMERS, MEDICAL STAFF, GROCERY STORE EMPLOYEES, TRUCK DRIVERS, BUS DRIVERS, DELIVERY DRIVERS, GAS STATIONS ATTENDANTS, NURSES, DRS, PSW'S, VETERINARIANS AND THEIR ASSISTANTS... and the list goes on, but yes, think local, support local and be thankful for what you DO have during this hard time, things many others around the world and even some our neighbors may not have the luxury of having. If you have more them you need of something, pass some along to someone in need. Make trades. We'r all know money is a little tight for everyone right now. YOUR NOT ALONE, THIS IS A BATTLE WE NEED TO FIGHT AS A TEAM.


#Depression #COVID -19 #Anxiety #HealthCare #teamwork

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Holiday Cards

My Natural Helpers have done 126 cards and more anticipated to be completed on Monday. I lone my kiddos! #peer2peerhelpers
#naturalhelpers #teamwork


Diary - Day 4

So it's Saturday evening, the end of day 4. Feeling off tonight. Wasn't a bad day till we got the visiting hours wrong. My eldest was upset from the get go and when they had to leave after only half an hour he started crying. I hate it when the boys are upset and me being here, right now is the cause of it. I also realise that me being here is the best thing for them right now. Tonight I feel like I am failing them.

Saw my new psychologist for the 2nd time today. Made me realise that I haven't really dealt with a lot of things. I'm aware of a lot but there hasn't been change. I used the metaphor of building something and everytime I fall and fail I need to start again from a certain point. He said MJ if I give you a bunch of lego blocks you can decide and build anything you please and when you break it down you can build it differently. His point was I never break it down completely, so I'm left with the same base building the same house of cards "lego" that keeps on tumbling down. Time to start from scratch...

I then saw my Psychiatrist. They are going to try convince the medical aid to give us some extra days in hospital. If that doesn't work out we'll carry on with the ECT sessions on an outpatient basis. I really like my Dr, he is not only a good Dr but he is caring, sweet and kind.

Even though I have a very heavy heart tonight. I realise that I am incredibly blessed. I have the most awesome husband in the world, 2 beautiful boys - truly my pride and joy, I have Friends that care. Not only for me but for my Family when I can't. And I have a great team helping me out. Truly blessed indeed...

#BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2 #sad #Family #Friends #teamwork #thankful