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Quack Pain Management Doctor

Back story. A car accident in 1995 destroyed my back. I’ve had Discectomy, Laminectomy, lumbar fusion, cervical fusion then a revision to the cervical fusion. All failed surgeries much to my dismay. Countless procedures, nerve blocks, neurostimulator.

I had a wonderful neurosurgeon and pain management doctors for over 10 years. Within 4 months of each other my neurosurgeon died and pain mgmt Dr retired with no notice. I was stunned and left bereft. I had to start the search over again.

After 6 months I finally found a pain Dr to take me. He took me off the morphine that was working and put me on Belbuca. Suppose to give 12 hours of relief. Pain set back in after 6 hours. By the 2nd “dose” I was doubled over with stomach pain. More than I’d ever felt before. I called, nothing he would do until the next appt. He said he prescribe 15 - 15mg morphine and a lower dose of belbuca. I told him again of the stomach pain. He assured me this would be ok. Nope. Same 6 hours of relief. Same intensity of stomach pain. I nursed those 15mg morphine pills until the 3rd appt….

I am very stressed, agitated and in pain. He sits down on the stool, looks at my chart then at me - “Pain meds cause pain. I’m not giving you anymore, besides, you only have arthritis”. In my head I’m screaming what?!? I can’t believe what I just heard.

He gets up and walks out, as I’m walking towards the exit the receptionist asks if I want to make my next appointment. I stop, look at her, trying to keep the rage out of my voice and tell her I won’t be coming back. That I’ll need my medical records. She prints what’s in the system on the slowest printer ever. Said she’d send this visits record to the new Dr. I said no, I’ll come back and get it. How long? She said 2 weeks. I leave.

When I get home I start the search over again. 3 days later I find a pain mgmt group that will take me only after they receive my full record from the Quack.

I called repeatedly for my last visit record. Their phone system was a joke. You’d listen to this long intro then either you’d get a machine to leave a message or the call would terminate. Not exaggerating, it would end in the call being terminated 9/10 times. When I first called this place they actually answered the phone. Never since.

Finally, after 6 weeks I get the call the Dr has finally given my last visit notes to be transcribed and they are ready. “You don’t have to drive here, I fax these to your new doctor”. No, I don’t want you having anything to do with the new practice.

I got my complete file, faxed it to the new practice and found a practice that is proactive along with giving me pain meds again that work for me. I’ve been going there since.

There are great, good and quacks out there, don’t give up or settle for someone who doesn’t believe you or care. #back #chronic #Pain


Hello 👋

I am back again. Sorry if my absence worried some of you. I have been busy. I have gone through alot. I had cervical cancer and it was caught on time and now I'm cancer free. I have still been dealing with the same family dysfunction due to my addict brother. But along with the bad there was good. I am 8 months from graduating university. Ive been working hard with my studies as well as on myself. #back #CervicalCancer #Anxiety #Depression #undiagnosedmentalhealth #CheckInWithMe


Just Keep Swimming

I’m starting a new job, fighting excruciating cramps, and bound to my mobility scooter. I could so easily just break-down from the break-down of my body (& I did first day of new knee injury).

Instead, I’m scooting along and just dealing. I don’t know if it is tenacity, stubborness, perseverance, or determination, but despite these pains & limitations, I keep going. I remind myself this will pass, it will get easier, as it always does.

Meanwhile, I keep repeating Dori’s line from Finding Nemo:

just keep swimming…

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicPain #kneesubluxation #back &hipcramping

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Disappearing Acts and…When They Come Back…

Sooo I’m struggling with two thoughts and one reality…1. Do I completely ignore those who try to come back into my life after leaving me due to my depression, anxiety, and the fact that I’m ME?…OR…2. Do I slowly let them back in despite the pain they caused me because after all, people change, and who am I to judge…REALITY- They will come back, and either way I’m not ready…
I’d welcome all thoughts and think bubbles PLEASE 💭🤔🧐🤨💬 #Abandoned #return #back


Devil's Claw effect on pain #devils claw #sciatica #back pain #Osteoarthritis #bulging disc #Nerve pain #MSM

Has anyone ever tried Devils Claw for pain, like arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, bulging discs. I am currently taking MSM, but was wondering which is more effective.

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First post and it's a rant.

I've never posted about myself. I usually just read and post replies to others. But this month has been terrible. I'm supposed to have a knee replacement so I had an MRI. Well it showed something weird on my femur and tibia. So I had to have a bone scan. It showed the same thing and they basically didn't know what it is. So then I had my knee aspirated and blood work done to test for infection. No infection. Now I have to go to a Orthopedic Oncologist for a blood marrow test and a bone biopsy. They are checking for cancer. Ugh.

Then I had a Dr appointment for a 3 month long chronic cough without being sick. I had to have a pulmonary function test and a chest xray. Well somethings wrong with that too. Now I have to go to a Pulmonary Dr.

In addition to that I'm gaining weight from my psych med Abilify. I look like a big moose.

So all and all now I am depressed and anxious after I just got everything stabilized. Ugh. I'm falling apart. Lol.

Sorry for the long rant for my first post! Thanks for reading.

#Fibromyalgia #chronic pain # Bipolar #Migraines #generalized Anxiety Disorder
#back pain #Arthritis #Bipolar Depression #Insomnia


I’m back I guess…. #back

I have been gone from here. But now I see that it’s different. So I think I’ll stay…


Question re: sporadic painful spasms/body jerks

Wanting to know if anyone gets these. Orginally I use to get these muscle spasms that I think are in my arms or legs. Now in my #hands as well
They are extremely #painful and tend to happen when I am extremely tired, hadn’t slept or needing sleep.

Now they seem to be happening more frequently and violently. I may be on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden my body will violently #Jerk . I may be holding my cell phone and it flies out of my hands (this happens often).

After it happens I’m wide awake because it is extremely painful.
It reminds me of like when you #fall #asleep and you dream that you fall. You wake up because your #body jerks but it is normally not painful.

It’s not the same as when you get a #Muscle spasm in your #back or #legs it’s more like the #whole #body #spasms . Does anyone understand what I’m talking about??? Or get this feeling? Thank you #Gentlehugs #warriors


#ChronicPain #Remedies #Natural #tennisballs

I just discovered tennis balls for my #neck , #back p****, and my crack, and I think I just unlocked a whole new character.

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Flash back #back to getting home from UMASS where I was put on full life support after my Lyme disease treatment took me to anew I my 💗SO Jim

On my mind now is to get things organized and be sure to get help to get things back to a positive forward motion. If anyone knows if I might be able to use my iPhone that I got new from Apple care Plus because the screen on the iPhone had been deeply cracked and Apple replaced it with a new phone
Thankful for Apple that has been a very very good friend and lifeline pulling the pieces of my life back to “normalcy “ ##thanks and blessings to you all from Apple Inc who help so many people in every way globally 💟💝☮️✝️🕎