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    This Monster I Battle Is Not Only My Illness

    "I am my Primary Care 'physician'."

    Sure I might not have a medical degree but I've had to accumulate, acquire and decipher my medical records - And let me tell you acquiring access to them has not been easy.

    Just like the picture above I feel I am a small warrior facing this monster.


    I could fill page on page of frustration of the frustrations that come along with requesting #MedicalRecords - the partially filled requests, the "this isn't my department," the "you need to contact that institution," the lack of energy from being #chronicallyill (to top it all off). It is nothing short of frustration that goes to validates the inadequate, understaffed medical care systems not only here but around the world.

    Where are the #Doctors

    and why should I have to "become one" upon becoming chronically ill, diagnosed with a #RareDisease my oncologist can barely answer my questions - I see multiple different doctors; None which seem to communicate with each other. My request is simple:

    I would like my records and images, please.

    (So I can share them with every other doctor/specialist that seems to be missing crucial information).

    I'm sure some of you can relate, or maybe it's different where you are - in that case consider yourself blessed/lucky/whatever you wanna call it.

    Wishing you all a lovely day. Thank you for listening to my vent.



    Fighting my #Stress and #amxiety Part 2

    Life is getting intersting. I was denied FMLA so my HR is trying to find an option for me. I am trying not to stress out. I have music and podcasts to listen to and ease emotional pain. #CheerMe #keepyourheadup #Checkwithme



    Sometimes all that matters is that you’re still trying. #neverstoptrying #keepyourheadup