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Random acts of kindness with a twist

The other day I was in a silly mood while shopping at Staples... Yeah, Staples makes us all giddy, not. Lol So I decided to do a random act of laughter.... Walking through the office furniture there wash a child sized desk and chair on sale.... This couple was approaching me at the perfect time... I said to them "Excuse me, could I get your opinion? " they replied "Sure." I sat in the toddler chair and asked them "Do you think it's the right size for me or too big? " The look on their faces was priceless. I immediately said, "Pay it forward, random act of laughter" We all burst out laughing! #laughoutloud #Laugh #MakeMeLaugh #CheerMe #funny


Fighting my #Stress and #amxiety Part 2

Life is getting intersting. I was denied FMLA so my HR is trying to find an option for me. I am trying not to stress out. I have music and podcasts to listen to and ease emotional pain. #CheerMe #keepyourheadup #Checkwithme



My second strength is my loyalty.

I don’t have a lot of friends and family members that I’m close with. So if you’re in my circle I’m very loyal. A friend said I was flirting with her boyfriend today at work. It kind of shocked me and made me feel good. Because I’m a married woman now, and the thought of leaving or cheating on my husband has and never will cross my mind. I’ve never felt like this with anyone. That utter loyalness impresses myself, and my friend reminded me of this strength even though she doubted my loyalty to her and ultimately him. Which is a little infuriating but I just rolled my eyes and smiled. Acting like she’s a teenager.

A way I could nourish my loyalty is by possibly adding more people to be loyal too. (I.e friends and family)

#Selfcare #Anxiety #Depression #CheerMe #MightyTogether #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Insomnia #suicidal

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