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    “The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome, the ride is a lot more fun that way”

    The two quotes above are from Phil Jackson….he was a legendary basketball coach who took the holistic approach to coaching that was influenced by Eastern philosophy, garnering him the nickname “Zen Master”. I just read his book “Sacred Hoops” which was really fascinating reading how he also incorporated Native American decorations in his locking room after spending a summer with with a tribe in North Dakota and found a massive shift in energy…and success! He coached the Chicago Bulls to 6 titles and the Los Angeles Lakers to 4 while also winning a championship as a player with The New York Knicks.

    It is fascinating how he developed into a coach who led from his heart… using spiritual encouragement…. fostering teamwork from a unique approach. Jackson is known for his use of Tex Winter's triangle offense that he actually shared about and consulted with Michael Jordan for his approval before he taught it to the team.

    This coming week the NBA playoffs start. I’m excited and yet I’m sad. I’m a really big basketball fan and these days I find it entertaining, distracting and I like to pretend I’m the coach and think ahead what’s the next step for the team. I’m excited to watch the playoffs because there are some great teams playing, I’m sad because the Washington Wizards aren’t playing … I’ve watched and attended Wizards games since 1974, and sharing these experiences with my dad was part of our earlier bonding! My dad taught me the love of sports and before he got older and more emotionally accessible this was a hobby that brought us together regularly. It kept me out of trouble sometimes as a kid, later helped with my depression getting my mind engaged, kept me sober, gave me hope when in the hospital with Covid and sometimes helps distracts me from my migraines … and it gave me a belief in people that were my role models as I grew up!

    As far as the playoffs… at least we have next year to look forward to! Jackson was prouder of his development of his players as people before as athletes. There is also a lot of wisdom necessary in getting a team of men with massive egos to listen to each other and play as a team. He once said “If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball”!

    …and “Love is the force that ignites the spirit, and binds teams together” &
    “When the mind is allowed to relax, inspiration often follows” not bad for a dumb jock, huh!

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    #Checkwithme feeling so defeated as a cerebral palsy advocate

    Today I went to the orthopedic and found out I’m going to need a full hip reconstruction surgery but there’s no doctor in my state Since my femur is completely gonethat will do it I feel completely hurt over the past month I’ve been going to many doctors appointments to get the same answer and today I finally got a step closer to having the surgery that I needed but I just feel like a failure because I’m going through all these different emotions of like sadness and fear but yet I advocate for positivity surrounding cerebral palsy and I can’t even remain positive for this at this point I just need a real big hug right now #CerebralPalsy


    I need advice please help #Depression #Anxiety #DistractMe #Checkwithme #MightyTogether

    I have been giving a cold shoulder to my boyfriend for about 5 days. Yesterday I let him know that I felt unappreciated and not valued by him. And felt like the relationship was one sided. He laughed because he disagreed. I’ve told him to free up his time so we can talk more in person but its been almost a week. I can’t go to him when I’m depressed. He told me some days he feels like he can’t take it anymore (my depression) but he loves me so he’ll stay. This made me scared to tell him I’m struggling. He doesn’t do anything to help me, not even words of affirmation. I want to meet him and end things.

    Lately I’ve been soo unbothered or numb about the whole situation. I don’t know how I could be soo calm. I told him he stopped telling me good morning because it’s the little things you know. Even after I told him this, the next day he didn’t either. I deserve better but I can’t help but think that I have no purpose in life. He was the one thing I was holding on to. Now I have nothing. I wish I could die now. I wish my life could just stop because I’m tired.

    I can’t date again. I suffer from binge eating, my body isn’t pleasant, I’m bad at communicating, I have no sense of direction, barely smart since I take time to process things. Starting again is something I will not do. I am depressed and I hate my life.


    Fighting my #Stress and #amxiety Part 2

    Life is getting intersting. I was denied FMLA so my HR is trying to find an option for me. I am trying not to stress out. I have music and podcasts to listen to and ease emotional pain. #CheerMe #keepyourheadup #Checkwithme

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    #CerebralPalsy #Checkwithme hope everyone has a great Saturday #

    #CerebralPalsy hope everyone has a great day

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    #Checkwithme good morning mighties #CerebralPalsy

    good morning Mighties we’ve made to Tuesday yesterday was a little rough for me but I’m doing much better! here’s your DailyQuote Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. #CerebralPalsy #Disability #MentalHealth #ADHD #Parenting #ChronicIllness #Depression


    Am I the only one here grieving loved ones lost in a Mass Shooting? The pain is overwhelming. Sometimes unbearable. Lost both parents & 24 friends.

    #Grief #Senseless #Checkwithme

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    “Still I rise!”

    This tattoo on my right arm is a grim reminder that life is hard, life is tough, life is challenging and life is complicated. Life knocks me down and I still get up, dust myself off, put up my fist and say “Is that all you got?! Just bring it!” #Stillirise #Depressiontattoo #BPD #AnxietyDisorders #ADHD #Checkwithme #Iwillnotgiveup #riseup You’re stronger than you think! Stay awesome and be amazing!! 💪🤙


    How do you cope with trauma nightmares? #PTSD #Mindfulness #Checkwithme

    I jolted awake after having a PTSD dream. I watched my mom come very close to death in front of me. 20 years later these nightmares still creep up. Trying to pamper myself with baths, relax with yoga, and have therapy weekly. Does anyone else have anything that works when experiencing flashbacks?