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I’ll do it later

#L will do it later is so me. I do this so bad and didn’t know why. I have gone 5 days and not showered, washed my hair or put clean clothes on. I mean take them off to sleep and put them back on the next morning. What can I do to change this!


Calm day but productive! #

#L foot still hunting but turning the corner after Dr removed CORN Wednesday. Got a chance to go to the river with oldest brother today. We watched real nature happening! Seagull was scoring food and many crows n other birds tried unsuccessfully to get food from the seagull , yeah!
Then we saw a huge fish jump out of the river n back in, in a flash!
Amazing sights.
He n I share common interest observing activity in and around the river from his car. Neither one of us is limber enough to get out and walk along water ridge!


#? #

#I just don't know anymore, I go to Dr tomorrow #L am so tired, of this fight. If it was just me I think I would go home. But I love them more now instead of gown home. So here I stay. My boo comes home from college tomorrow #She goes to Clemson that's right Clemson tigers #and she doesn't give a crap about that. She is studying to be a prenatal nurse/criminal Justice nurse. It is a new field. #She is looking into that, I told her when she left to go to college that when she was done she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. She's going to be a strong woman. And I Instilled in her two take care of herself first and yeah if she wants to find a person she loves, find them but she will always be able #to take care of herself #


Why is it easier for people who have learning disabilities etc to get into relationships and marriages and constantly post about it on social media #L

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Me at the Kermit the Frog Museum in Leland, MS

#L -I-V-I-N Adulting is Fu*cking Bullsh*t, Do Not Recommend

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#Crybabyvibes #CurrentFeelsASF #LilPeepvibes #MH

So I'm feeling #overwhelmed and I've been in this #DeepDepression and I just NEED positive Vibes!
Idk!....It feels like it's all #crashinghard on me...
IT FEELS Like Grief...in a way... 🖤💔💜 #L ☹VE


one positive thing about my chronic pain #L

#ChronicPain . I have post herpectic neuraglia from shingles. Its chronic and will never be cured. however, it I s not cancer, I t will never kill me, there r people who have much worse things than i have

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#Madelungsdeformity what are your experiences with an ulnar osteotomy #Ulnarosteotomy #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

I’m going to have the surgery on october 30th and I don’t know what to expect please comment it is for my madelungs deformity #L éri–Weill dyschondrosteosis #Madelungsdeformity


What Is Going On Why #L Lupus #ChronicIllness #L Life

It's been years since I was diagnosed with this chronic illness. But it feels fresh today, as it attacks me fully as what I had before. It started with head problems, headaches, migraines, and like, light-headedness and then, stomach issues that I've had, like, for more than a year, and we don't know what it caused. I became fascinated with greeny foods and natural medicines, and how our thoughts and emotions affect our health. I have been living with this for quite a long time, and just haven't quite yet figured out how to feel good. Questions keep poppin' into my mind. I mean, has our world and our food become so toxic that illness is so inevitable? When I was a kid, I remember thinking how magical it was that when you get a fever, just get the aspilet from the store and forget about it, and all of the sudden, it will be healed. All by itself. I feel like we've forgotten how intelligent the body is. Having been to a different kind of Doctors for past years, I've experienced firsthand how my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect my health. Thus, I am convinced that we have more power to heal than we've been led to believe. But don't take my word for it. I don't know. I am just wondering how life went after. I was not raised in a rich family, with extra sensitive state of living. But, this illness I guess should be meant for rich ones only.

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