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My life #Anxiety #Depresion #and ????

MOST of the time, I’m not even “present “
But trapped in my mind
battling for my life.

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You wanna know what I like most about The Mighty? It's the messages I get from people. You know, the people asking me for money. Or my phone number, or the other people who want me to buy bitcoins or drugs.
I'm disappointed, I really am.
#mental health
#bi polar 2
#and so on

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Please tell me what you think?

I'm hoping this isn't a stupid question, but curiosity is my middle name.
I have a lot of back problems and get an MRI every year to check how fast the deterioration is progressing, and one question has always come to mind.
Wouldn't an MRI, performed while standing upright, be more accurate than while laying down and relaxed? Wouldn't it show more accurately how much compression that the disc's are going through? I don't claim to be a scientist or anything, but it makes sense to me.

#and -so-on-with-more


“Everyone’s on the spectrum”

I was at a wedding yesterday and I was talking about my daughter who has ASD #and ADHD as do I.
Someone I’ve known for a long time said “yes, but we’re all on the spectrum at some time in our lives.” 🤬
I’m obsessing over it now because I’m sooo annoyed with myself for not setting her straight. I usually would, but I was so tired, it was very noisy, and I was just overwhelmed.
What really drives me crazy is that she said it in a very authoritative way. I understand that most people don’t know very much about autism, but I can’t stand it when people speak as if they know what they’re talking about when they have absolutely no clue. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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#My Dear Friend #

#I think I have wrote the gambit on this thought #but since no one has heard from him ,the last date for me was 01/11/2021 #I might need to check that date. I do know I have written many different emotions pertaining to this amazing man #.He has many friends and family that love him dearly.And we the ones not knowing what is going on with him ,are worried #.He was having some issues before his page went dark. #he just dropped off, we don’t know what or where ? #I did have a neckname for him come to find out it was 2 one was Skylord and the other is Starlord which is the one I perfer #.The reason being is that when he is happy ,and smiling, and ,devious he touches everyone in his area . #and he has a Beautiful voice, he loves to sing. #he would say, you don’t know me,and I would say alas dear sir I know more than you think.But I will not share but to him. #where ever you are and what ever is going on ,.There has not been one day that you have not been in my thoughts and prayers.And yes this has no doubt been a one sided relationship. #MISS you so very much.O and I did want to ask your zodiac sign is a Leo! #?



All night bad chest pain , not having heat attack. #This is just one of my many things that is wrong with me . #the Dr calls It GERD, It’s great it burns, I have a killer cough with it and feels like a elephant 🐘 sitting on my chest. #the one thing that helps the burn,and cough is milk. #I never had this before ,it started last year it burns so bad the milk helps until the medicine the Dr gave me for it starts to work #. I can be asleep and I wake up with a really bad cough and then comes the burn 🔥 #I am so tired this has been going on since about 12:52 am tonight . #I drink a lot of milk,then it
Eases up enough so that I can take the meds , #My sinus issues don’t help this either . # It’s just awful there’s wheezing with it I have to sleep with my head and chest elevated, two pillows . #and when it gets this bad I have to stay with my head even more elevated. #which causes my neck and head to start hurting because with my neck and head it needs to be flat so that the disc in my neck Don’t start to cause me more issues #I have to have injections in my neck I’ve had surgery oh my lower back .There is always something new and wonderful to find and go through it sucks it just all Sucks. I think I I am going to try and get some sleep wish me luck #


#no Apologies #

#I feel like I should apologise for what I said to you , but how many times do I have to before you at least Acknowledge me. #I feel I have paid my pentes for what I said.Somehow you let me back on your site and I thank you for that. #I text you and you will go to the next person and acknowledge them and . #I just don't know what to do, I can't apologize any more.You are very dear to me.But I guess I am not to you and it hurts You never really gave me a chance Maybe I am wrong! What ever is tapping I pray 🙏 your ok. #and send you my Southern Love. #


#let Go #

#I did something , I didn’t want to do ,I had to let go of someone I never had! Social media can be very painful , I can only speak for my self # He is on tic tic , he is very handsome,but what drew me to him was his sarcastic since of humor. #I have been in a state of depression for a long time ,then I was looking at tictoc and he was doing his video,he made me laugh. #DID not think I could laugh,but he made me laugh and feel something. #we talked at the beginning and nothing serious.But he made me feel things I thought where gone. #he is very special,like my husband .My husband was like that he’s humor was not Sarcastic.He’s humor was something else very special, but people change and he lost that humor, he is serious now. Once in a blue moon the person I feel in love with shows up and it’s pure gold . I guess that’s why I was drawn to Starlord every video was something and I didn’t know it but I found out he could sing, #and he’s good . I have listened to every song he has sung ,at least I think so.Well I said something that pissed him off, I thought he was making fun of something I texted him .So he stopped texting me ,You think I would have left him alone then #but No. #It went on for a bit me ,finding waxes to see his videos. #and sending messages and songs that I thought he might like. I am ashamed of my self , I have never ever done anything like that. # He was and is like a Magnet 🧲 to me.If he finds this and reads this . I am sorry so so sorry my dear Jackie.And I will leave you be. I hope nothing but the best for you. #🦩✌️☮️😎💕



#I just wanted to thank everyone on this site.
I know it’s 4;00 am so excuse my writing #Not really awake yet, I just wanted to let you know how greatful I am blessed you were here for me. #I am fighting , fibromyalgia ,Depression ,anxiety, and a host of other things. #and I could come to this site and just have someone and some place that I could go and not be judged. #to write my thoughts and feelings. I am very grateful # I love 💕 you all Thank so much , because I do not have any one that I can share these things with. #I do have christ Jesus and his father and my father Jehovah I am so grateful that I was lead here because I was in a very dark place. #and I was thinking some bad thoughts. #So Thank you all 🙏🦩✌️💕And know I am not leaving, I am so glad you are here to help everyone.🦩✌️💕. #