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It was a long, but good day.

Surgery went well and I got the job!!! :) #SkinCancer #hired #lifeisgood

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So I've been okay #lifeisgood #findingmyhappy #littlethings

I only ever come here (to the Mighty) when things are bad and I'm struggling to hold things together. So things got bad and then they got worse and then I didn't come here at all because I didn't have time to focus on my mental health and I didn't feel like I could share what I was feeling.

And then...I did the work (for me it's CBT exercises), I asked for what I needed and did my best to push down the guilt, shame and feelings of low self esteem and I am getting better. I am enjoying things again. I am less angry (sometimes I mean, I am still in this weird world after all), I take calculated risks to make myself happy, like a very early morning trip to the beach to enjoy the view and avoid any people and nice coffee as I'm not going to a coffee shop anytime soon and buying new summer clothes so I can enjoy the weather without sweltering.

Nobody is in their ideal situation right now, I don't imagine. And really when are we ever? But we can enjoy life still even when our world has got very small and even when the end is not in sight


Food for thought

Years ago I was told or heard that my diet can affect my mental health. Back then I wasn’t too concerned about what I ate. Earlier this a dear friend of mine told me about the Keto lifestyle and how it helped her lose close to 100lbs. She referred me to a YouTube video that suggested that depression and anxiety are caused by inflammation in the brain. The dr then said that a high carb diet causes inflammation all over the body. He said that by reducing carbs it may help reduce inflammation in the brain that causes depression and anxiety. I am a willing participant in any treatment that would help my mental health, so I did a lot of research, still do, about the Ketogenic lifestyle. I began that in May this year and lost 51lbs. Now that wasn’t my reason for going on Keto but I am happy to have that excess weight off. What really matters to me is how much better I feel mentally. I haven’t felt this good in years. I still have moments of depression and anxiety but it is far less than it ever has been and those episodes don’t last long. Food is medicine and can be used to treat depression and anxiety and help someone feel better. I take the lowest dose of an antidepressant, which is a huge switch from taking three or four meds at a time. #lifeisgood #FoodisMedicine #Ketohealthy


Life finally going well? #Life

I think, for a change, life is going well? People are hearing me, validating me, understanding, loving. And here I am, scared as usual. Just waiting patiently for the next shoe to drop and make me remember who I am and that life just doesnt go well for me #Anxiety #lifeisgood


Things are getting better!

I didn't even believe I could feel Happy without it being a mood swing, but here I am, constantly feeling that warm, fuzzy feeling! IT'S AMAZING. Things are getting better! AND ONLY BECAUSE I KEPT GOING. Maybe it will get bad again, but it sure won't be impossible to handle. #igotthis #lifeisgood #isthiswhathappyfeelslike ? #Recovery #Believe