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    I did it! (Well Kinda)

    Proud of myself today. I was able to make myself stay awake instead of sleeping all day like my #BipolarDepression wants me to do. I was able to stay active and calm and not let my #PTSD get out of hand. Even though I am still under a lot of stress and am very tired I refuse to give in! What are you celebrating today?

    #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #SexualAssault #AbuseSurvivors #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #littlethings #celebrate #MightyTogether

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    A Bright spot in my day
    Found a little frog in the yard 🌞
    Brought him in the bathtub
    Don't worry I let him go


    Little Things

    As anyone else who lives with DID knows, it comes with an array of challenges. In my case, the library is usually a mess and one of my ghosts (this is just how I've come to conceptualize my system, libraries were a rare safe space as a child) is always distracted or pursuing their own agenda making important life tasks difficult.

    But I wanted to take a moment to share something small that made my day. Sometimes my protector will go overboard when they are driving but sometimes they will surprise us, especially since becoming pregnant. A favorite cereal has been out of stock at our usual grocery stop and like many, we're not huge fans of deviation from routine so it's rare we can work up the nerve to go somewhere else. (And due to major trauma that happened at a grocery store most of us check out when we are there anyway)

    They did the other day though!
    This morning we woke to find two boxes of our favorite in the pantry. They hadn't gone far, just about another mile away to a Walgreens that happened to have it. And yes, losing space and time is never a truly good thing, but it was a lovely surprise.

    With this disorder we have learned to savor small things like that and hope that anyone reading this also has a moment today that makes them happy. #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #DID #littlethings

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    #MightyArtRoom #miniaturemadness #littlethings #Giving is great❣️

    This is a second angle of the 25th Anniversary gift I made for my friends. This piece took about a month to complete. They hung it in a window that looks out into their little backyard garden so there’s an indoor outdoor garden effect. I thought that was pretty neat.

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    #MightyArtRoom #littlethings miniaturemadness💜 #25thAnniversary ❤️

    Here we have a shelf I made for my friend’s anniversary , it’s about 18in by 5in and pretty heavy. It includes a romantic cabana with 25 roses , lanterns and a bench. A little humming bird floating in the lavender. There is a fire pit dripping off the edge. A garden path leading to a coi pond with lily pads and a barely seeable dragon fly hovering near the corner tree. On the big rock there is a tree with a bird nest , bird house and their initials are carved in the tiniest heart on the backside. I did put two coi in the pond but they are hard to see in pics. I added two silver rings signifying it’s their 25th year❤️ I’ll be posting a different angle too with some more info. Hope everyone is doing as good as can be today!! I adore you Mighties 💕

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    #MightyArtRoom #miniaturemadness #littlethings 💜

    Here’s a floating shelf I turned into a nature escape for my friend. A place to relax and pass time looking at natural wonders. I used clay, moss, paint, stones, beads, twigs and seashells. I made a dragonfly in midair with wire, clay and paint. There’s a tiny walking stick for small adventures. Shelf is about 4 in by 7-8 in. Hope everyone is having a decently good day 💕


    What would your ideal home have?

    Just a little fun. If you could put any little things in your ideal home, to make it better for you, what would it be?

    I’d have a home with no stairs, and a deep soaking tub with a tankless water heater.

    #Fun #thethingswewant #littlethings

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    Happy place

    I love the beach early in the morning. The angle of the sun on the water makes it glisten in a special way, and it only hits that way in the morning #happyplace #Breathe #littlethings #MentalHealth #Anxiety

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    It’s the #littlethings

    💚 One of my favorite things Cooper does is lay at my feet, and I can put my feet on him. He’s such a good boy 🥺💚