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I'm new here

I'm here because I'm struggling with the sudden, unexpected death of my sister. (My only sibling) The only person who really knew how unhappy our childhood was.



Can’t get over a #SiblingLoss .

My uncle died last year in April. He was my grandmother’s brother. We were from different cities and saw each other like 2 or 3 times, but he adored me because I was one of his favorite nieces so he always complimented and supported me, calling me “princess”. I just loved him ‘cause he was such a good and understanding soul... When I found out that he’s gone, the news just teared me apart. And now, after almost one year, I realize that I can’t move on because whenever he comes up to my mind, I start crying and hardly can stop. I don’t know if my anxiety is the cause of this but I just want someone to help me... 🥺 #LosingASibling #Death #Anxiety #Loss


Mags #Trauma   #LosingASibling #nameswithpower #Depression


When did names become so powerful!? Why is it-- how is it that my own can make me feel so good and just hearing hers can make me cry!? How can a name feel like a knife in the stomach?! And saying that name! It's gut wrenching and rips my heart into a million pieces all over again! Why?!

I lost my sister 7 years, 4 months and 21 days ago. It ripped me apart and traumatized me for many years. But I have begun to make peace with what happened and am able to talk about it and her without crying. Yesterday I was casually talking with my boyfriend and I said her name. Not her real name, but the nickname I always used to call her. The name I haven't said in 7 years, 4 months and 21 days. At the time I just kind of blinked and thought wow. But now, today, its ripping me to shreds. I don't know what to do!! And it just hurts so bad. I just want to scream and/or cry!! But I can't do either.