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Getting closer to feeling myself again

Good morning all! It's Monday morning around 6am here in NY. I slept better than I expected so that's a big plus! I still feel numb over the divorce papers that my narcissist husband served me with last Tuesday. I realized I need to journal about it as I seem to be staying stuck in that feeling of uncertainty. I have already allowed myself to mourn the loss of my husband but I haven't really allowed myself to grieve over my future. I am down right scared about the future. I have a hundred questions and thoughts running through my mind as I'm an overthinker. I think I am still in awe that over the entire relationship. I played my part. I am an addict in recovery. I'm going on 2 years July 2nd 2024. So my addiction played a role in this. However, I still can't get over the fact that I allowed him to mess with my mental state with his lies and cheating ways. It really took a toll on me for awhile.
I'm currently on disability at the moment for my bipolar but I am thinking of getting a full time job. I don't think I can make it alone with just disability and a part time job. The bills are coming in and I still haven't made a budget. It's like everything is so surreal.
Here's to today as we only have the present moments. It's up to me to decide if I want to sit in my shit or get up and start my day. I choose to get up and enjoy the day! For once I have a choice in my life and it feels amazing 😍 #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #BipolarDisorder #monday #Smiling

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Start your week by looking around you and focusing on the positive things that make you smile 💋

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I'M getting the #Winter time #blues

I'M feeling the #sad tonight. With the time change has effected me. I'M still weaking up at the same time. I'm just wishing they could just have one time. I start feeling down during the night time #Depression I'M not looking forward to #Winter time and snow and ice.

I just realized on #monday i forgot about one of my afthernoon zoom groups. It just sliped my mind. I felt so bad. IT's not like me to forget. But hey it's okay it's life and that happends sometimes. No bug deal.

I feel like i only get DM from Trolls on this APP. From dudes who are looking for a wife or anyone really looking to cheat you out of money.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether

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No worker showed up!!! Today isn't a #Holidays

This is Friday and isn't a hoilday. Kids went to school and stores were open. #monday is #Thanksgiving in #Canada So my 2 days shouldn't effect me. But nope the group home takes the time off. They don't even to bother to call or message you to let you know. Not good. They just do whatever they want.

I think #Summer is gone now. It feels #Falls today.#TheMighty #MightyTogether

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Good morning friends. Happy Monday.

Good morning on this first Monday of October!. Enjoy your day and your memories.#TheMighty #MightyTogether #monday #MentalHealth


#monday Morning

#Depression ,#Anxiety ,#MH .....!
Good morning Danny 🔆
Starting my day by sending you kudos, for your presence on the mighty. You are a bright spot for so many people. Uplifting soul.
I appreciate you 🤗 very much for your posts and the hope you spread among a lot of people like me that feel abandoned by family and friends and medical people.

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My Mom would of been 81 Today! Wow.

I'M not feeling the best mood today. It's a #monday . It's bloody snowing outside. Yuck. Come on, who pissed off mother nature? ha ha . I'M so over winter time. I want summer

I hate #Depression

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Mindful Monday

Here are some healthy mindful habits.

Do you practice any of these?

Do you struggle with any of these?

Let me know in the comments ⤵️ #Mindful #Mindfulness #MindfulMonday #mindfulpractice #mindfulhabits #monday #mindset