Today I was introduced to new neighbours that are about to move in opposite me by the manager of the office. He introduced me and said this is your new neighbour she is a bit mental.
I'm a bit ************
I quickly said no I'm not I'm quirky. As well I am. 😂🤣😁
I've never been quite right lol.
I dont mind being called quirky or words like that. But to be introduced by mental. I took offense and I know itll play on my mind now for days, itll keep me awake and even cause me nightmare.
So what do I do now !!@???*** #mentalconfusion #AnxietyTriggers #PanicAttacks #why #DepressiveDisorders #Chronicpainwarrior #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #HighlysensitivePerson #lovinglife