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I am very tired. I have pushed myself so hard I cannot feel parts of my body. Others are screaming.
My best friend. My dark queen. My moonlight. My first great love. My godchildren. Are here, safe, at home with me.
Domestic Violence, Spousal Neglect, Animal Abuse resulting in death.
246 miles, door to door, I packed them away.
And I mourn.
She had become a wraith of herself.
Graves Disease.
-65lbs since September.
39 hours with no sleep.
But I have her now.
She is home.
He will NEVER touch her again.
Poetry picture written at height of drive by night flight to her.
He left their bodies by her bed.
Tarantulas, they weren't for EVERYONE, they were for her.
And he killed them. #DomesticAbuse #spousalabuse #GravesDisease #Metabolicdisorders #Dear #BPD #Mania #Depression


New to all of this

I recently got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I have been going through recurring Rhabdomyolysis since 2013, I had a friend reach out to me to tell me that my CK getting that high that often isn’t normal. I have been going through a series of tests I over the past year and I am honestly exhausted. I can’t sleep but when I do I sleep for hours, all day and night, I feel upset because I feel like I’m never going to get answers. I miss going to the gym but I can’t right now because I just got out of hospital for rhabdo. It’s just a lot and the FM is something that people don’t really understand. I get my results back this week to find out if I have a rare metabolic disorder this week and I’m scared to be honest. I feel like no one get it, even the people closest to me. My skin has been hurting so much because of all the stress lately. Has anyone gone through this or have any advice? I’m in real need of some moral. I feel like if I find out if I have a metabolic disorder I will have some ease knowing I can supplement it in some way but I also don’t want to have to be careful of think about how I exercise, sat or live my day to day life. #Fibromyalgia #Rhabdomyolysis #recurringrhabdomyolysis #Metabolicdisorders