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I am very tired. I have pushed myself so hard I cannot feel parts of my body. Others are screaming.
My best friend. My dark queen. My moonlight. My first great love. My godchildren. Are here, safe, at home with me.
Domestic Violence, Spousal Neglect, Animal Abuse resulting in death.
246 miles, door to door, I packed them away.
And I mourn.
She had become a wraith of herself.
Graves Disease.
-65lbs since September.
39 hours with no sleep.
But I have her now.
She is home.
He will NEVER touch her again.
Poetry picture written at height of drive by night flight to her.
He left their bodies by her bed.
Tarantulas, they weren't for EVERYONE, they were for her.
And he killed them. #DomesticAbuse #spousalabuse #GravesDisease #Metabolicdisorders #Dear #BPD #Mania #Depression


Temporary Setbacks #PTSD #Trauma

I have been happily divorced for 15 years now, not walking on eggshells, financially solvent, maintaining the No Contact rule, as per Sam Vaknin’s instructions on breaking free from a narcissist, and doing very well. Then yesterday my daughter texted me to let me know that her father’s local church leader was interested in speaking with me before he clears him to regain his full membership privileges.

Darn.  I instantly had a cry.  Not sure why.  It just came out. I don’t want to have to talk about him.  It makes me think about what I went through for 30 years, and I don’t want to go there.  It’s sad how many people fall for Dr. Jekyll.  No one wants to believe Mr. Hyde is the real person and Jekyll just a mask.

Thank goodness for music.  It’s always there when you need it.  Never fails to lift my mood.  I put on my headphones and danced while Spanish Eddie took the fall.
#CPTSD #Narcissiticabuse #spousalabuse #recoverywarrior


#extremely -frustrated #ineedhelp ##ineedtreatment

I am totally frustrated and worn out, I have gone to my Psychologyst asking for help, I have been on treatment with him since 2005, all I get is drugs. I am so tired of... I want to get to the root of my trauma which is much,
C- ptds since I was a little girl.
#War #ChildAbuse #abondonment #Rape#loseofmyfather
#spousalabuse ; #mental #verbal;
#religious ; rape by his friend;
#caretakerofothers ; #watchin #watching death many times over.

I left my husband with a suitcase,
I've been living mostly out of my car, my brother's couch for the last eighth years... While he has a wonderful life with a family and Hardley Davidsons.

I have fought to stay sane, but at this point I feel I am loosing my battle... I asked my Dr. To please send me to a treatment center .
The problem is I have Medicare as Primary. And Tricary for life as seecondary.... This week has been hell for me, the only place Medicare will approve is
"Wilmington treatment Center"
I have heard some bad things about this place...
Has anyone been there, or knows of someone that has been there?

Or knows of a place in the Raleigh area that they would recommend.? Please I am begging. # #desperately #searching