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so proud i made it this far

#Addiction #Bipolar #BPD #CPTSD #Toxic relationships#ADHD #Microdosing

hey everyone..its been awhile since ive been on the mighty.. I've been going through some very painful events in my life..i mean im really going through it..but im making it..i recently decided to finally leave a 20 year toxic relationship who i thought i loved that i used with..its been hard..

today i am one month and exactly one day clean from cocaine..thanks to my doc putting me on topamax..never thought that med would be so helpful for cocaine dependency but its been a miracle and im loosing weight also..i am starting to love myself more and more each day and taking my time w everything that i do..

i enjoy work now..enjoy life in general..no my life is not perfect but its better!!! it has gotten so much better..i dont have to worry about other females that he has had in his life..dont have to worry about him at all..

its such a relief..im healing in my own little way and it may have taken me to isolate and push people away for me to heal but thats just me..i didn't wanna put my problems onto others and feel like a burden or get judged..i also bought me my own little kitten..a 2 month old black and fluffy female kitten..named her passion bc i was so passionate about getting her..

and she has helped me so much..i have only had her for a week but feel like thats all i need..shes so precious and im stress free..oh its been hell this past month going through cocaine withdrawals but the meds my docs got me on cut out the cravings and now when i microdose i release the held in pain..

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Miscrodosing Community

I wish I could find a community to share thoughts and feelings with about microdosing. I’m only happy when I do (I have a long history of various meds that help intermittently but never fully help) and wanted to gain safe information.

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##Chroni c pain #Microdosing

i discovered microdosing of psilocybin, & today for the first time in 4 yrs i reduced my opiate dosage more tha 50% with no ill effect, i had no sense of being high i just felt good almost normal,no pain all day. the capsule contained turmeric, black pepper & a tiny dose of psilocybin. in my youth 50 yrs ago i used mushrooms a few times so i know what the high is like & there was none of that, i couldn't feel a thing, just better & pain free, it has been wonderful, i even feel like i can get off the opiates (dilaudid mostly, very strong) as i had no feelings of withdrawal even though my dose was high enough to put most people on the floor, it's almost to good to believe.


Anyone try micro dosing ? Thoughts ??? #Microdosing

Many people and studies say this method really works and fast. Curious what the community here thinks...