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I'M not always Positive and happy. I don't always see rainbows and sunshine. I struggle just like other people do. Like during wintertime is the most hardest for me. I just sometimes guess to choose to be happy. To be gratful forthe small stuff. Anyways i struggle just like anyone does.#TheMighty #mighttogether #Depression

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Voicing Depression

I often find it hard to share with others about my depression. I find that even when I am able to, which temporarily makes me feel better, I then find the need to bottle it back up again because I do not want to keep on annoying the people I share with. I don’t want a pity party, but I do want to share.

I am sure in reality they would not mind me continuing to share, and I guess if they did, that would be sign enough they are not a true friend.

This meme made me chuckle, sadly. I often go into my hole then emerge.

I am constantly working on opening up. It does feel healing when I do.

Can you relate?

#Depression #Cancer #Anxiety #mighttogether #AcuteLymphoblasticLeukemia


Why I Joined #mighttogether

I came up The Mighty a few years ago from one of the forums that I am in on FB (Face Book).   I have Bipolar Disorder and some other health issues.  

I often feel very alone in my life, and I have few friends, but for the most part most of my life I have not really had any friends.  I feel that people feel uncomfortable with me because of my mental illness.   I do have some communication difficulties verbally and find it easier to communicate when I am writing and to formulate my thoughts through my writing than verbally.  

I joined this community to meet like-minded people.