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    My damn sister-in-law

    I was on the middle of Mighty podcast a little ways into it and my sister in law beats at the door she won't go away.

    When I open the door she starts arguing with him come in the door and kind of push me back and I had to bully her out the damn door in the middle of his podcast and they heard it

    She was going to come and start screaming

    But they didn't hear that much of it and I said it wasn't too bad so I don't know if I'll be able to do a podcast again

    My brother wasn't here anyway and I ran her off cuz that's who she was after but I think she knew I was in the middle of this damn thing I don't know I got to stop thinking like that

    Hopefully wasn't too bad I won't get to do another one.

    #Drama #MightyPodcast


    Podcast Community Leader Introduction

    Hello! My name is Camara, I'm a Mighty Staff member and a podcast lover. I will be the leader of this podcast community. I'm excited to have conversations about different podcasts that have made an impact on us! I will start with a little intro about my favorite podcast which is Self Helpless, a podcast hosted by three female comedians discussing self help strategies and what has worked and hasn't in their lives. Looking forward to learning what podcasts are on your mind and having you as a Podcast Peep in our community! Come join us here to dish about podcasts and learn the scoop on the upcoming Mighty Podcast!
    #Podcasts #MightyMoment #MentalHealth #selfhelp #DistractMe #MightyPodcast #Support #podcastpeeps #TheMighty #MightyTogether