Hey I’m the author of DDMCman Comics. DDMCman is a disabled superhero with a service dog as a sidekick.
I am a disabled individual and I was a disabled athlete. I was able to do numerous athletic feats that many people including doctors told me I could not (ex. a nationally recognized bodybuilding show, powerlifting competition, & transformation challenges). I intentionally did something impossible that people could see. Soon after my bodybuilding show I created a fitness & motivational resource called Disability Don’t Mean Can’t. But since DDMC is not about me I created DDMCman to get the word out about Disability Don’t Mean Can’t (DDMC for short).
DDMCman & his trusty sidekick (Trusty) draw on my life’s experience to show people they CAN lay down the “can’t” & adopt a can-do-attitude.

Here’s a YouTube link to the Making of DDMCman number one video youtu.be/1Di5aY-jPxk

Just holler at me & I can tell you how to make DDMCman Comics part of your lives or part of your business. Or you can visit the website disabilitydontmeancant.com #Disability #Ataxia #Mobilitydisorder #CP #MuscularDystrophy #MultipleSclerosis #Parkisons #Depression #Anxiety #Veteran #PTSD #ComicBook #Art #Books #NerdCulture