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Comic strip practice

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Mom: Son. Why don’t you get out of bed? The sun is out and you could go for a walk.

Son: grmphf

Mom: grmphf? That’s what you said yesterday and the day before that.

Son: that’s right. Tomorrow will also be a grmphf day until you stop trying to orchestrate my life.

Ok maybe this is more serious than funny. Lol

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It’s Friday night. What are all my autistic peeps and homies doing tonight?

We’re getting a late start, but my small, yet cool group of guys (and two kids) that I play D & D with.

Since COVID we’ve been playing not at our local comic book store (check out the wicked cool floor)on an online platform named Discord.

The awesome thing about playing online without sounds means I can play on my underwear and eat/drink what I want. If it’s going to crunch and be loud, I’ll just hit mute.”
#Autism #AutismSpectrumDisorders #Friday #FridaySocial #AspergersSyndrome #Aspergers #AutisticAdults #Autistic #ComicBook #Dungeons &Dragons #Fun #notweirdjustautistic #Autistic

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Hey I’m the author of DDMCman Comics. DDMCman is a disabled superhero with a service dog as a sidekick.
I am a disabled individual and I was a disabled athlete. I was able to do numerous athletic feats that many people including doctors told me I could not (ex. a nationally recognized bodybuilding show, powerlifting competition, & transformation challenges). I intentionally did something impossible that people could see. Soon after my bodybuilding show I created a fitness & motivational resource called Disability Don’t Mean Can’t. But since DDMC is not about me I created DDMCman to get the word out about Disability Don’t Mean Can’t (DDMC for short).
DDMCman & his trusty sidekick (Trusty) draw on my life’s experience to show people they CAN lay down the “can’t” & adopt a can-do-attitude.

Here’s a YouTube link to the Making of DDMCman number one video

Just holler at me & I can tell you how to make DDMCman Comics part of your lives or part of your business. Or you can visit the website #Disability #Ataxia #Mobilitydisorder #CP #MuscularDystrophy #MultipleSclerosis #Parkisons #Depression #Anxiety #Veteran #PTSD #ComicBook #Art #Books #NerdCulture