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#apear l_from_sand

I'm new here, Im starting to step into my new normal. Im so happy that im starting to embrace this new normal. Im like a new born because I denied my self this joy for 13years with this diagnosis. #mswarrior #melantedmomwithms #illmatic #Msstrong #mssociety #multiplesclerosisbestrong


Day 4: I am grateful for...

1. Skype, WhatsApp and Viber: I was born and raised in South Africa and my husband is from England, so we have no family near us here in the U.S. I am eternally grateful to have the most caring, loving and supportive husband, but I am equally grateful for the technology that allows our family and friends who are half way around the world to not just stay in touch, but to support us and help carry our burden across those thousands of miles. Receiving messages of love and encouragement goes SO far in keeping us brave and reminding us that we are not alone in dealing this this awful diagnosis!

2. Health insurance!! There is no minimizing this one, as all of you chronic warriors know. What would we do without it?? The average amount for MS treatment and care per year is $1.5 million. $1.5 million!! The numbers are absolutely staggering, and I am reminded by this every time I go for an MRI, Chemotherapy treatment or a physical therapy session at the hospital. I am so lucky to have the level of care that I do, and the insurance to pay for it.

3. Prescription delivery services. When you get a chronic illness, you truly get to understand the value of energy and how much of it you have each day. Every morning I wake up and try to use my little pocket of energy on tasks that matter: my physical therapy sessions, doctor visits, etc., while knowing that even something as small as taking a shower can wipe me out for the day, so today I am grateful for services like prescription delivery that help preserve my energy, even a tiny bit! #52SmallThings #Gratitude

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