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Hi everyone :) what do you love most about the Mighty?

A little distraction post and gratitude on this wonderful app and community online. #Curious #TheMighty #appreciateit #grateful #Wondering #WhatHelpsYou #Comment #like #enjoy #selfhelp

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How to improve communicate and not just do avoidance?

With anxiety occasionally I’ll avoid things or confrontations, etc unpleasant things, or even procrastinate and so on. Does anyone have any tips to improve and or communicate better my needs or find some middle ground where everyone is happy instead of avoiding the situation in the first place? Mainly family related, but just in general want to improve on the area. Thanks!

#Anxiety #Communication #Wondering #thanks #appreciateit #selfImprovement #thanks #Trying #Depression

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Always share your feelings

I've promised myself multiple times in the past that I will talk about my problems before it's too late. Too late here means before it turns out into a new kind of anxiety, a new intrusive thought or whatever.
Aaand here I am with a totally new 'anxiety-pack'. Because when things went wrong, I felt like I usually feel - ok, somehow we will work things out again. Ok, we will find out aomething, and I felt hope. And without noticing it, anxiety came in and started to work in my mind. And days, or even weeks after the problem, OCD generates me intrusive thoughts, and I feel guilty if I don't fight them. But they doesn't really matter, because that's just the way stress comes up.
Because when the problem appears, I have to stay strong, to have hope and to let others have that hope, what is really a good thing - just after that, I should face the problem for myself too. I usually don't, and it turns out like this - unwanted intrusive thoughts and OCD.
I know it's wrong to ask 'What would have happen, if...?' , but now I still have to ask: what would have happened if I didn't try to be a hero, instead I would face the problem that time, and like a 'normal' person I would have cried or shouted, or anything. And I would have accept the anger and disappoint.
Well, I can't be sure what would have happen, but what I guess - I would have a healthy image of the whole situation, and after getting through it, I would try to find the solution. So maybe anger would come up normally, not a way of OCD.
What I'm trying to say is, that sometimes we might have to be mindful and focused when bad things happen. Sometimes we might just have to let them happen and than deal with then. Because if we ignore it, or try to make it seem better than it is, can lead us to see a false image of the problem, and when anxiety comes up, we just stand there asking why. I think that's why. Because wd have to be mindful always, not only the good times. Of course we don't have to enjoy bad things, and don't need to just stand there crying - but we need to have the ability to feel it, to let our feelings about it come up, because the feelings are there - even if we ignore them.
Be brave and live the moments - even the worse moments, because your mind needs to accept them.
And don't be afraid of talking about problems, or express feelings - that's an important part of healing. Even if only in a journal. But maybe after it, the feelings won't come up later in a form of anxiety. #Anxiety #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #worry #Stress #IntrusiveThoughts #Solution #Wondering

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# I hate pain

#Wondering if I am worthy of a partner like this in pain missing family functions because of it #


I finished something and I’m still depressed about it #Depression #Anxiety #projects #building

For the longest time I’ve had a list of projects I want to do. Some I get started and get set aside. Some get done. Some don’t get started.
I also try to check off what I get done, so I can look back and see that I have got some stuff done.
I finished one of those things on Saturday . (A box for a tabletop airbrush booth)Went out to the workshop, cut up the wood and put it together. Finished it up and brought it the house. Looks great. Fits exactly where I want it to be. I’m happy it’s done. Except...

I look at it and I’m depressed. I did everything right and it feels awful and wrong. There is no reason I should feel depressed.

I got it done. it’s what I wanted. I’ve sat down and thought about it and started journaling about it. I cannot find a reason why I’m depressed about it.

What is wrong with me? Maybe I want everything to be awful. #depressed #accomplished #Broken #Wondering

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#Wondering why I’ve been told that I’m the nicest person they’ve ever met, by a few people. If what those people said , is true, why am I still so lonely?


Only in the Afternoon...

Most of my mornings are usually pretty good. I feel good. The problem is that sometimes when 12:00 pm rolls around ( or the whole afternoon in general) I start to feel down. It’s a gradual change, but I can feel the weight of the world falling down on me. It’s not always sadness either, I just feel very, very empty at that moment. It’s those times when I start buying things to feel better. It doesn’t always work, but I do realize that I do this to somehow fill the spaces. I start to really hate my life and myself during this time. I start wondering why I’m still here. I wish I could accept that there are those who care about me, but there is a part of me that feel like that’s the biggest lie known to man. In the scope of all of this, I feel very lonely. The meds help, but I still feel my intense feelings. I know they can only do so much, I just wish that everything was different. #MentalHealth #Depression #feelinglonely #FeelingEmpty #Feelingsad #Sadness #Emptiness #Loneliness #Wondering


#Wondering if my 5 yr old has anxiety#

#My 5 yr old son sometimes will cry #uncontrollably # when it's time for school or sometimes will get upset when we have to go to an appointment. I have actually had to pick him up and sit him outside the door to get him to go to school. He cried all the way there until the bus came. I also recently found out that he was being bullied at school, I spoke to the school counselor and she walked him to class and spoke to the teacher. I hope the bullying stops and he doesn't have #long term problems from it.