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Boundaries #Crazy #irrational

It’s a bit ironic that people push those who have mental illness or emotional struggles to seek o it help. Whether it be a Psychiatrist, therapy, a life coach, or Psychologist they want you to get help. So you go seek help to either get evaluated or to get help for something that you already have but just need a little help. You start working on your triggers. You start working on yourself and your self esteem. You also learn about boundaries and how you need to Protect yourself. You then begin implementing these coping skills, these boundaries. Most often those who kept catastrophizing your emotional or mental state begin hating the fact that you’ve learned boundaries, you’ve learned coping skills. So now these people or said person can no longer emotionally abuse you to distort things, they can’t scape goat you, and they can’t gaslight you. So they begin to manipulate those around you. I have gone through this time and time again with my father, with my mother, other relatives, and in relationships. I get so sick of people’s inability to be accountable for themselves. They deflect, the project onto you to keep from seeing themselves. However, this is the American norm. in our society. So many people CAN’T see it! How do I attract so many narcissistic and manipulative people?!? I feel as if I have “sucker” tattooed on my forehead and I’m the only who can’t see it. To what extent will you let yourself suffer and lessen your quality of life to keep damaged goods in your life? Do the cons outweigh the pros? I’m at the point in my life that I no longer live for the comfort of others. I feel what I feel, I can rationally explain my thoughts and emotions. I know the “why”. I have no idea when my last day will be so I will not live my life for the comfort of others. Family, friends, anyone! Blood doesn’t mean anything. I have my chosen family, an amazon partner who agrees with my life choices. Good riddance to bad rubbish. My life is just THAT, MINE! I don’t feel obligated to make anyone more comfortable than myself. I am number 2, because, my kids are number 1. They’re little emotions and lives are the only things that mean more to me than me. #Parenting #MentalHealth #boundaries #exes #stability #Mycomfort #nooneelsematters