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Anyone been tested for SIBO ? #Naturopathic #CrohnsDisease

Having been diagnosed with Crohns over 20+ years, suffering from chronic migraines and headaches, as well as fatigue, MDD and being told I have IBD I decided to see a naturopath who is getting me tested for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. She has taken me off all dairy and gluten. In learning about SIBO it sounds like it ticks pretty much all of my symptoms. Maybe some relief in sight? Anyone else had any experience with this? Has addressing the SIBO been challenging? Has it helped you?

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Self-Advocacy & a Naturopathic/PCP duo

I advocated on my own behalf to have bloodwork done (anemia and other panels) when I visited with my naturopath last week. Turns out I need blood infusions. I know that i've been anemic for at least 2 years. I have the complexion of Wednesday Addams and eye bags like Uncle Fester.

This is one example of self-advocacy when it comes to my plethora of mental/physical health concerns and/or issues. A few years ago, I came to the harsh realization that I needed to be the one to ask for what I needed - and to do my part in researching scholarly and medical articles regarding my diagnosis, symptoms and treatment options.

I have a primary care physician as well as a naturopathic doctor. I have seen my PCP for over 10 years and my naturopath for 2 months. Having this Dr.- duo team in my life has allowed for new and second opinions. If you have never met with a naturopathic provider, you're missing out. (Warning - rant) Example - Instead of making an appointment to see my PCP in order to get a referral from said PCP to see a dietician, waiting 2 months just to pay extra to see the specialist, then wait in the lobby for 30 minutes for your actual appointment -- all to have them reassure you that your food restrictions/sensitivities/intolerances are shitty, to give you a meal plan for one week, devalues the fact that money plays a part in the ability to afford healthy and balanced foods IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET, and says "call the office if you want to come back in a month", with no further instructions -- I have had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful & holistic naturopath who has offered many meal substitutions, natural remedies/supplements and possible tests in just two appointments (did I mention I can see this Dr. weekly?! - all thanks to state insurance at present, however). I'm excited to try cupping and dry needling next week to address my cervical spondylosis pain and lymphatic facial massage for migraines (some covered my insurance, some at low cost).

Anywho, the fact that you may have/need to advocate for yourself can be frustrating. I have found a system that is working well for me at this time and would encourage anyone to seek out naturopathic medicine if it is available to you. In my experience thus far, I have not had terrible side effects from suggested medications or herbal therapies like I do when doctors prescribe random medicines that they think might work, but side effects are ALWAYS a huge issue.

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Cold and Flu Season #naturopathicdoctor #Naturopathic

Cold and Flu season is barking at our heels. Let's get a jump on our wellness with simple tips and tricks. Prevention is 90% of our wellness. Check out for more information on this subject #cronichillness

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Why Can’t Insurance Cover Naturopathic Treatment?

Y’all, am so blessed to have found naturopathic medicine to treat my Fibromyalgia. I take natural treatments from a Naturopath (Dr) who is also a PA and recognizes when traditional medicine is necessary. I have major issues when I run out of my naturals from skipping an appointment or from forgetting to call for a refill. I don’t know if y’all can try it or find someone near you who practices natural medicine, but I just want to share that it has relieved my Adrenal Fatigue, the pain and exhaustion in my arms and thighs, stopped the pins and needles in my hands and feet, relieved a lot of my brain fog... I feel blessed. I’m a believer that God gave us everything we need to keep our bodies healthy. I believe that eventually I won’t need Cymbalta anymore; I’m going to take my time and let my body tell me when the time is right.
I still have some pain, I still get fatigued after trying to be “normal”, I still have issues, but far fewer. The biggest problem? Big Pharma. Each visit with treatment (drops, powders, or pills) runs around $200 for me because it isn’t covered by insurance. Maybe one day our government will value our health more than than their deep pockets associated with pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Until then, there is EBay, Swap and Shop, and other second income opportunities that I will utilize to keep myself feeling well.
#Naturopathic #Naturalremedies #Fibromyalgia

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