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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day!
I just want to wish all the mighty’s out there a Happy Father’s if they are in heaven or in person! I hope you guys have fun today with your dads. What is few things that is something you love what your dad does? My dad does been really been helping me out when I have to go to doctor appointments since I cannot drive at all, he is really been on my side and really supportive whatever I’m doing.. like; my horse lessons/horse shows I have been doing and want to help out for any thing what my big heart wants to give out! #Epilepsy #cronichillness #Depression #RareDiseases #Deafness #disabilty

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How many of you make a checklist before leaving the house each day? What is on that checklist that relates to your illness? #cronichillness #chron

As my husband was leaving this morning, I realized that we have set up a mental checklist to make sure we don't forget anything when we leave the house: keys, meds, etc. Part of that checklist involves him asking what I want people to know about me today. For example, if people ask where I am when I am not there, what is he allowed to disclose about my illness today. If I am there, what signals will we use if I am starting to feel exhausted or am getting a migraine and need to leave. If you make a checklist, what is something on your checklist each day that relates to your illness?


Today is a day that Im not complaining! #BPD #Fibromyalgia

#cronichillness #Fatigue

Im writing on here to say that in a long time I havent felt this good. 3 months ago a friend suddested I use cbd capsules with THC. I didnt think it would work as I tried all tablets and anti depressant and opiods.

Im a diffrent person, very little pain, I still get a bit of stiffness now and then, but i have energy and can plan stuff and go for walks. I buy this product from someone who grows it and make it himself.

I would advise anyone to try it, it doesnt work over night, hang in there you WILL feel better.

positive energie for everyone reading this ❤️

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Sometimes a bad day turns into a bad week which finally becomes a bad month, which ends up leading too generalised bad times. And you struggle. You feel like you’ve been thrown into a battlefield you most certainly didn’t ask for, but here you are. And you have too keep fighting. Sometimes, staying alive is like taking a spoonful of medicine you hate the most. This syrup solution is bitter, hard too swallow and straight up disgusting so you block your nose with the other hand and drink it anyways because you have no other choice. The same thing applies here: When you don’t want too fight anymore because you are just too tired, all you have todo is blindly trust you’re going too make it out alive. You have too keep fighting, even if you’re crawling on your knees. I don’t care, you just have too keep fighting, no matter what. #Depression #cronichillness #cronicpain #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia


Cold and Flu Season #naturopathicdoctor #Naturopathic

Cold and Flu season is barking at our heels. Let's get a jump on our wellness with simple tips and tricks. Prevention is 90% of our wellness. Check out for more information on this subject #cronichillness

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My bf says my mental health is too much for him, am I wrong to think he should help me get better? #Depression #Anxiety #Diabetes #cronichillness

We’ve been together almost 9 years, and have a happy 2 year old baby boy!
I was always dealing with depression without really knowing, but it got worst when I got pregnant.
I’ve been trying to get better, pills and therapy, but it can’t seem to work just yet.
My boyfriend keeps telling me that if I don’t get better, he will leave me because it’s getting hard on him.
What am I supposed to do?
I know I’m a pain in the a** when I’m on my bad days but I thought he would be more supportive.
#Pain #Broken #PostpartumDepression