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#help #nooneunderstands #MyPtsd #needvalidation #FeelBetrayed #PanicAttack

I’ve struggled with #PTSD & #Depression (etc) for 10 years since being #beaten & suffering a #TraumaticBrainInjury (etc).
One year ago I found a new psychiatrist and FINALLY saw improvement with his regiment of carefully adjusted #medications.
3 days ago I was glancing through local news when I saw a mugshot of my #Psychiatrist ⁉️⁉️ Arrested for forging #Prescriptions ⁉️ (Again❓)
A history of #DUI ⁉️ And charged in the past with #DomesticViolence ⁉️
I’m not angry. I don’t condemn him.
I sorrowfully prayed for him that evening even though I was trembling with a panic attack.
#nooneunderstands I feel insecure, scared, unstable, vulnerable, dreadful, anxious, and lost again.
How would you feel being told “all is not lost”, “you’re strong, it’ll be ok”, “that sucks”, “he’s just your med prescriber, it’s your therapist that really matters”, and “just tell your next dr to keep you on the same meds”.
#doyouunderstand me❓

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I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t love me back, and it’s killing me inside, especially because she’s my best friend. She knows I have feelings for her, but she doesn’t validate those feelings, she changes the subject. She’s dating two other people and says she can’t emoti connect with them either and says it’s just how she is.
My heart is hurting so freaking bad. And I wish there was someone to talk to about it.....but usually she’s the one I talk to about things....
#CheckInWithMe #needvalidation