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Healthy distractions

Japanese flower hat jellyfish found in the West Pacific I find these creatures so amazing and beautiful.#chronicoain #MDD #Disabled #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #chronicalodynia #healthydistraction

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Hope with new surgery

Yesterday I met with my surgeon and after several MRIs he believes I would benefit from a lumbar revision surgery which entails removal of existing hardware and fusion from L2 to L5s1.
Some of you may know my story I'm suffering from bi lateral neurogenic muscle atrophy and chronic alodynia I'm in pain 24 7. This surgery won't relieve all my pain but it will stop the the atrophy and with the help of full leg orthesis allow me to hopefully be able to walk again with a normal gait.
I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time it will be my 5th lower lumbar surgery and my eighth spinal fusion I know post op will be brutal.
I'm just so happy that this surgeon has taken in my case it will give me another chance at a better life and this time I won't put my health in jeopardy by over exurtion.🙂🙂🌄🤠 #ChronicPain #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #chronicalodynia #Disabled #Hope #Surgery

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Pain driven days

I wish my story would change but I'm a realist when it comes to my health and I know I'll be in chronic nerve pain for the rest of my life. I've been at it for 12, yrs and seven spine surgeries and I'm left with the kind of pain that is totally debilitating hindering my ability to walk. Even with the use of bi lateral KAFO my legs are suffering from bi lateral neurogenic muscle atrophy which only allows me to go a certain distance before the pain stops me.
I can handle being hindered but not being hobbled and this is where my frustrations starts.
#neurogenicmuscleatrophy #femoralnervedysfunction #chronicallodynia #musclespasms #Disabled #Depression #ChronicPain .

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Positive Thinking

Something that took me a long time to learn but once I did I felt much better 🌄🙂 #ChronicPain #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #ChronicPain #herniated discs #Disabled #

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Healthy distractions

Music is one of our best defense against fate. Our condition may be chronic and our bodies will eventually fail us but music 🎶 will always be there.🙂🙂🌄#neurogenicmuscleatrophy #chronicalidynia #peripheralneuropothy #herniateddiscs #ChronicPain #Disabled

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How to tame the pain

I'm doing more self reflection and over the past decade of pain how many positive ways I distracted myself from my situation. After awhile you run out of ideas on how to get relief from the pain but now I find myself getting excited about nature again I mean I might not be able to take the hikes with my dog like I use to but just being in nature makes me so happy 😊. Anyways just a share and for those who haven't tried this method for both the mental and physical give it a try you won't be disappointed.#ChronicPain #spinaltrauma #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #, Nature #Painrelief

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