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    Study for Icarus 2019 #Art #ArtTherapy #ChronicPain #NervePains #Disability

    I managed to fall down two steps yesterday. Not far for some but it has really jarred my neck and the arm I used to break my fall. So today I’m in a lot of pain and having to get the morphine out. So here’s a piece from earlier this year, the title gives a clue and the burning nerve pain you may have experience of. Still smiling though 😊 #Falling #spinaltrauma #ouch #Disability #ArtTherapy #Burningpain #mobility #Arthritis #EDSAwareness


    Another Day

    #CheckInWithMe Today is another cold, rainy day. I woke up in severe pain in my joints. Hips, shoulders, fingers, hands, legs, and feet. I’m waiting for my morning round of meds to give me some relief so I can move a little. I’ve been living with #ChronicPain for over 10 years now. After a fall last November, I have acute pain in my back due to compression fractures (I also have osteoporosis) and 4 ruptured discs, two of which are pressing on my spinal cord. Now I’ve got appointments with two neurosurgeons. Another fall last week resulted in a sprained ankle and swollen calf that may be a broken fibula. I didn’t go to the dr because I’m so tired of Drs! The pain management Dr told me that he “isn’t comfortable” adjusting my meds to help with the acute pain. What about what makes me “comfortable”? I’m just so tired of dealing with the pain and the Drs, but my leg is hurting so bad I know I need to go to the ortho to get an X-ray. I know so many others deal with this daily too. It’s just so exhausting! So another round of appointments will frustrate me again this week I’m certain, because Drs are so scared of treating long term CPP’s. This #OpioidHysteria is killing me and I’m losing hope that I’ll ever be at a tolerable level of pain to enable me to function. Sorry for whining, but that’s where I’m at today. #Lupus #PsoriaticArthritis #RheumatoidArthritis #Osteoarthritis #spinaltrauma #CompressionFractures #AutoimmuneImmunodeficiency


    Please, how do I post a “check on me”?

    I’m in constant pain from fibromyalgia arthritis and multiple ruptures in my c spine, thoracic and lumbar spine. I have BPD. No one will give pain meds except otc’s that I can’t take because of irritable bowel. I’m nearly home bound and I’m too young for this! The pain and loneliness leave me feeling worthless and sorry I wake up each day. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorderBPD #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis #Depression #Anxiety #WhiteMatterBrainDisorder #spinaltrauma #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS


    Never lose hope

    What an absolutely unbelievable year... After six years of surgeries and three over the past year, multiple ER visits and hospital stays....

    Something amazing has started to happen... while my body is still healing, more importantly my soul is at rest.

    I feel like I have control, like I can breathe and that my future is now brighter than ever...

    Thank you to each one of you who has been patient, loving, caring and cheering me on...

    It's working, I'm getting there and soon my abilities will only be limited by my imagination ...

    Never give up, the alternative is never an answer...

    Believe you can

    Know you will...

    #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #HealthCare #healthyliving #PCOS #spondylitis #spinaltrauma #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Health #WomensHealth #HealthCare #Diabetes #advocate