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How much do you push your body when in an effort to fight for mobility you can’t control the nerve pain or the muscle spacticity and spasms?

I’m living with chronic intense spine pain with nerve damage and muscle atrophy in my lower body. Just a few weeks ago I was in a wheelchair for eleven days straight and could not walk at all. I haven’t been able to do anything besides the bare basics of caring for myself and my pup. Yes, the bare basics. I’m not in a wheelchair right this minute but I cannot walk without my rollator or walker with my attached cane. It’s been that way for a long time now, years.

Anyway, I’m trying to walk (via walker) and track my steps, push myself a little more each day.

The pain, burning and numbness take over my body and I have to stop repeatedly to bend my spine forward and relieve the pain and pressure, ease the burning. It’s horrible and the pain sucks but still, I want my life back and I’m not going down without a whole lot more fighting (again). Yes, I’ve been living with chronic pain my entire adult life, so it’s been an ongoing battle for years.

The problem I’m having right now and daily is: when I’m pushing for mobility and trying to save my lower body (mid spine to feet) from being permanently paralyzed I’m fighting nerve damage that only relieves with ice for hours (mid to low spine and bum and hips) but muscle spasms that only relieve with heat (legs/feet).

Just exactly how much muscle spasms/spasticity is too much and how do I know if I’m pushing way too much or just not enough? I’m really not knowing and I know if I don’t keep fighting and just stay in whats comfortable and least painful I won’t be out of the wheelchair very long. Any tips, advice? I welcome them all please. This pain is making me a little bit nuts and I’m using ice and heat at the same time to combat the different parts and symptoms on my lower body. I’m exhausted and frustrated to say the least. #ChronicPain #FailedBackSurgery #Nervedamage #DDD #Osteoarthritis #spinestimulator #migratedleadwire #Exercise #Neuropathy #MuscleWasting #Tremors #numb #tingling #Burning #Spasticity #musclespasms #mobility #Fibromyalgia

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Accomidations in chaos

<p>Accomidations in chaos</p>
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Does anyone on here get muscle spasms? I get them in my lower back. And have any suggestions on what could help? I’ve already tried heat etc. #Pain #BackPain #ChronicPain #musclespasms

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I read a post earlier today and thought that’s me! Most evenings I’m so exhausted 😩 that I can barely make it to my bed but then there’s nights like tonight where nothing helps the pain is so bad I want to cry 😢 but once again there’s no tears left. I don’t know what to do with myself I need to sleep and to heal from today but I can’t get comfortable and when I do I jerk myself awake again. Sorry for the moan but sometimes it’s just that bad and I struggle with the grief of losing myself to this never ending cycle. #Painsomnia #fibropain #pregabalinwithdrawal #restlesslegs #musclespasms #exhaustion

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Community Voices

The Best Night of my Life

<p>The Best Night of my Life</p>
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If my health condition could talk it would say....

Whatever you had planned today forget it cause I’m here to stay
The meds you take will make you quake
Unsteady you will always be but ha there’s nothing they can see.
I’ll make you spasm jerk and fall
With the dwp you hit a wall
You’re fit for work their assessor says
They don’t see you on bad days
Bad days now outweigh the good
Come the man with the black hood.
#Depression #Anxiety #chronic fatigue #Hypertonia #musclespasms

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Is anyone curious about using cannabis to help with their condition &/or making their meds?

<p>Is anyone curious about using cannabis to help with their condition &/or making their meds?</p>
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Community Voices

Early on set osteoarthritis in my spine

I loose feeling in my arms and legs one week, so much that I can injure myself unknowingly! Then, the next week I’ll endure lighting pain and never ending muscle spasms, that send me to the ground. I stretch daily and use THC and CBD creams to help with pain and inflammation. I cope, everyday. I’m grateful for the good days, and curse the bad days.
Doctors just want to replace disks in my neck and lumbar....Hell no! As long as I’m walking, they ain’t cutting.
How do you cope with the bad days?? #Osteoporosis #ChronicPain #musclespasms #DegenerativeDiscDisease