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As I am

I want to say, I have been MIA for a while. Because I feel as though If I don’t stand for what I have then they won’t listen. I will not let them keep sweeping my auto immune disease under the rug. I don’t care if they don’t see it. It’s here and in full effect and in full swing RIGHT NOW!!! If I feel ok I will look like it . But if I can’t comb my hair and I got appointment well Mufasa is what you get! Everyone knows that I don’t like to be noticed but since I have tried all the fibromyalgia meds and it made me worse than when I was on nothing because I have chemical sensitivity and noise sensitivity and skin sensitivity and whatever else chronic fatigue chronic pain chronic & sensitivity Everything I say! Now I’m at the point that Life is to short to be mad or Angry Just get your medical card get your head high and go and if you can’t remember there always tomorrow and you can always make someone else smile even if you are having a bad day it does the heart good ! I laugh at myself all the time. I know who I and I love me and most of all I love people and no matter how much or how bad I hurt I always go out or when I do go out I make sure I say a kind word or say some encouraging words or help someone or somebody or smile or if I can sum up enough energy I would do a little dance for the little old ladies at my physical therapy session I been going to for almost a year. Just to crash when I get home but my little show make them have something to look forward to coming back.
#Fibromyalgia #Narcolepsy #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain #Autoimmuneillness #nocure #YouCanLaughAtYou

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We the Warriors #Addiction #copingmechanisms #

People think after a certain point in time it becomes easier, like it just disappears. It never disappears and it doesn't become easier, I just learn to stay focused. The craving is always there, the demon in my head always waiting for that moment. That moment of weakness where something happens and my focus is gone for it to start its vicious torment. We fight everyday on-top of all the other things we are fighting. We are the Warriors of underestimation!
#underestimatemeidareyou #warrior #fightingeveryday #nocure #justcontrol


Anyone else tired of people? #nocure

Even when people ask me what I use I say "well this works for me" I've been took go keto, don't eat corn, or something else. Essential oils is the new thing. While I love a nice soak, in Epsom salts let's be real here,that East Indian preacher isn't jumping out of the bath and telling me I'm cured!
#besuportive #nocures


Had an #MRI with contrast and suddenly have new symptoms?

I have been diagnosed with #gadolinium Deposition Disease. A result of a MRI with contrast (Gadolinium) . This rare earth metal is #Toxic and remains in brain bone tissue and organs of everyone injected per a letter directly from the manufacturers. There is #nocure or #Antidote .

The symptoms, side effects are horrific and the pain excruciating.

8+ million patients are injected every year in the US and many may have symptoms that they never connected to the MRI procedure. Other countries have removed many brands from being used due to concern for #patientsafety . To learn more go to or reply to me with your questions. #gadisbad