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    Anyone with hyperandregenic POTS? Curious about solutions/coping mechanisms for adrenaline surges, medications, or comorbidities

    Hi there. I was diagnosed with POTS in 2020, and through a lot of self research discovered that I suffer from hypoandrogenic POTS. My symptoms present as visual snow, tinnitus, and heart rate inconsistency daily, and with extreme adrenaline surges at night (still trying to pinpoint my triggers). I’m curious if anyone here has this too, and if so if you have any solutions for flare ups? Specifically the adrenaline surges at night, but also generally.

    Also, has anyone had success in getting a medical assistance dog? I’m really interested in doing so with a rescue, but know it’s hard to find.

    #Dysautonomia #POTS #hyperPOTS #copingmechanisms

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    I feel like the way I stop my BPD episodes from exploding outside myself onto others might just reinforce some of my negative behaviours.

    I don't even know if any of this will make sense.

    Like, the only way I can stop my emotions exploding out of myself, and stop myself exploding onto other people is to internalise and push down and force myself to Stop Feeling. Which is what feeds my BPD in the first place, that inability to feel like I have a right to my emotions, that I need to zip it up and Behave and not say a word out of line.

    Yes in a split I shouldn't let my emotions explode on others because it'll be disproportionate anger or desperation or anything else.

    But it just Feels like all those times as a kid I forced myself to stop feeling and suck it up and keep going like I was perfectly fine. #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Splitting #copingmechanisms

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    Coping mechanisms

    <p>Coping mechanisms</p>
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    Bullet Journal - Coping Mechanisms

    <p>Bullet Journal - Coping Mechanisms</p>
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    Just the thought of having a conversation with him makes me anxious...

    Just the thought of having a conversation with my husband makes me #anxious and want to #vomit . I need more #copingmechanisms , #Support , and to get away!

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    Understanding "freeze" mode

    They call it the fight or flight mode when in reality it's the fight, flight, or freeze mode. Many people who have experienced severe trauma or abuse when threatened, or are in fear, or subjected to further abuse, or a tramatic event they just freeze. It's a natural response, especially for individuals with PTSD/CPTSD. Their natural self preservation instincts have been compromised. Their traumatic experiences and/or abuse have conditioned their instincts into responding this way. There is no shame in it. It's involuntary and usually very misunderstood. Unfortunately society and more often than not loved ones do not see it this way. These "freeze" individuals are often judged harshly and unjustly for this. They can be shunned by family or friends because they don't get what's really happening. A human being who has suffered abuse/trauma their brain becomes altered or "re wired" and as a result their reaction to any threat can be significantly different than a "normal" person. It takes years of cognitive and behavioral therapy to try and rewire this response. Even then it doesn't always work. People who suffer with this freeze response may act indifferent, may seem withdrawn or anti social. This too is a freeze response. They may not be able to make proper decisions that would seem normal or automatic to most anyone else. They may become withdrawn or the complete opposite and become overly social or act out in ways that can cause them or others harm. They may become self destructive. This can last for weeks or months. Their ability to cope has gone into "hibernation mode" where they shut down emotionally as a defense mechanism. Some individuals who do this may not even understand what is going on themselves or why they react in such a way. So please try to be understanding. Understand these people are doing the best they can, are coping the only way their brains know how. Be extra loving and kind as they slowly begin to accept what is happening. Support them and encourage them to seek help. Don't give up on them and definitely don't judge them for this. They probably are more confused than you are as to why they are reacting or behaving the way they are. When in doubt always lead with love. Their freeze response is just as valid as fight or flight. And it doesn't make them any less deserving of your respect or kindness either. Survivors of abuse/trauma/neglect require more understanding and support and they should never be made to feel ashamed for this but instead praised for their resiliency and perseverance. Take care of one another and always be kind. #abusesurvior #Trauma #MentalHealth #copingmechanisms #PTSD #CPTSD #Support #Therapy #survivinganarcissist #fightorflight #freezemode #Kindness #Love #Support #fighter

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    i guess, joke's on me 🤡*

    <p>i guess, joke's on me 🤡*</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    What’s one thing that always helps you when you’re struggling?

    <p>What’s one thing that always helps you when you’re struggling?</p>
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