When you have survived a toxic relationship you come out of it feeling many different ways. In #Abuse , we form a very unhealthy bond to the abuser. They make you feel like you cannot survive without them. But you CAN!

When I think back to the beginning of my relationship 16 years ago I fully understand what kept me there. I compare that bond to invisible "strings" that appear, a few are healthy at the beginning and then the strings that form after that are unhealthy. They are boundaries that are pushed that you tried to set in place. Add a string for every lie, every disappointment. Every name calling event or gas lighting. These strings attach us to the abuser as a day to day reminder that this is what we " deserve". Huge LIE. Narcissists love to use and abuse. It feels like the life is being sucked out of you! Then add children and other aspects in the relationship ... It makes you feel like you are child too!! Add another string.

As your relationship continues, there are so many strings that they knock you "off balance" all the time. Every time you try to cut a string, a new one appears. You are so unhealthy in this attachment that you feel like gravity is pushing you down... But it's the strings. And like a puppeteer your Narcissist will pull a string, or adjust a string just enough to hurt emotionally. How do you get out of such a complex relationship?

Emotional Detachment plays a huge role in this. Yes these strings are hard to even manage but this is where being vulnerable comes in. Reach out for help when you feel like it will never even. Every time you take a step away from the abuser you cut a string! You are formulating your plan to leave? Cut a string! You get serious about it. There are many many services to navigate and the closer you get to being "done" the strings start freeing you!!! The weight lessens. And then...

You are free! And the last of those strings are blocking them, tellimg them to get a lawyer for custody and access and division of property. When you are absolutely DONE and won't look back. The unhealthy strings are GONE. And your abuser will perform and act like a child. But you will have support and people to keep you moving forward! The difference? There are no strings attached. 💕 #nostringsattached #EmotionalAbuse #DomesticViolence #Financialabuse #physicalabuse #startingover