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Do you forgive?

Whoever hurt you do you forgive them,I do but that's just there I don't know the Average and would like to figure it do you forgive whoever or not!(no judgement I fully understand both sides of the answer have an awesome day and know you're not alone!) #ChildhoodAbuse #SexualAbuse #emotional abuse #physicalabuse

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An old memory to haunt me

I am a thinker, and I think about a lot of things often and sometimes I do think about my childhood experiences. Today, without really thinking much else, I remembered something that happened to me that I wasn’t saved from. Friday nights were always horrible. Those were the days when my mom’s husband would make us clean house. At the time, he didn’t work Fridays, but he would wait until my brother, mom, and myself would get home to do it. There was a lot of frustration and hurt feelings because he was very harsh during those hours. Even today, I saw that it gave me some form of structure, but now I can’t clean my room without taking breaks in between nor can I clean with bleach without feeling sick. One Friday in particular, I was really irritated with him and whenever he was in my way, I would bump into him on purpose so that I can get to where I needed to go. Was it necessary for me to do that? No, but I did. The last moment I bumped into him, he grabbed hold of my ponytail and told me not to do it again. At the time I wished I had a pair of scissors to cut off my hair at that moment. I tried to hold it together, but I did end up bursting into tears. I did tell my mom about it, but she didn’t confront him about it. I’ve come to forgive her for that in my own private way, but even now as I think about it, it still hurts. I didn’t think of it as a form of physical abuse at the time either. But then again, I didn’t think I was being emotionally abused by this guy either until I was in therapy. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #physicalabuse #EmotionalAbuse #PTSD

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Here I am. Invited by the founder, reluctant yet holding on to a small piece of hope to meet and engage genuinly with real humans wherever you are. I was an active younger woman, now permanently disabled and fighting to not lose my Tigger mindset in my Eeyore body. I have few friends and emigrated to a new country 19 years ago, that is I am from the USA and live in Sweden. I am a writer, a mother of a young adult transitioning from m2f and have had very unhealthy relatonships with my biological parents both as a child and as an adult. I have extreme anxiety, am an empath, I have been feeling others emotions and trying to help them since I was a very litte child. I love animals, have two bunnies and I am mostly writing on my blog or laying on the sofa by the fire or in bed with a netflix film. I am sad that I still can't get passed the hurdles which may lead me to a healthier self image. I don't really know how to begin, so I will end.#Lonliness #Anxiety #ChronicPainSyndrome #Depression #physicalabuse #mentalabuse #SexualAbuse #holidayblues

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Abuse #physicalabuse #MentalHealth

Well we are out of my mother's grip the last straw was today when my brother straight up punched me in the face we left and now are staying with my husband's family till we can get our furniture and a place of our own ... #donttakeabuse


No Stings Attached

When you have survived a toxic relationship you come out of it feeling many different ways. In #Abuse , we form a very unhealthy bond to the abuser. They make you feel like you cannot survive without them. But you CAN!

When I think back to the beginning of my relationship 16 years ago I fully understand what kept me there. I compare that bond to invisible "strings" that appear, a few are healthy at the beginning and then the strings that form after that are unhealthy. They are boundaries that are pushed that you tried to set in place. Add a string for every lie, every disappointment. Every name calling event or gas lighting. These strings attach us to the abuser as a day to day reminder that this is what we " deserve". Huge LIE. Narcissists love to use and abuse. It feels like the life is being sucked out of you! Then add children and other aspects in the relationship ... It makes you feel like you are child too!! Add another string.

As your relationship continues, there are so many strings that they knock you "off balance" all the time. Every time you try to cut a string, a new one appears. You are so unhealthy in this attachment that you feel like gravity is pushing you down... But it's the strings. And like a puppeteer your Narcissist will pull a string, or adjust a string just enough to hurt emotionally. How do you get out of such a complex relationship?

Emotional Detachment plays a huge role in this. Yes these strings are hard to even manage but this is where being vulnerable comes in. Reach out for help when you feel like it will never even. Every time you take a step away from the abuser you cut a string! You are formulating your plan to leave? Cut a string! You get serious about it. There are many many services to navigate and the closer you get to being "done" the strings start freeing you!!! The weight lessens. And then...

You are free! And the last of those strings are blocking them, tellimg them to get a lawyer for custody and access and division of property. When you are absolutely DONE and won't look back. The unhealthy strings are GONE. And your abuser will perform and act like a child. But you will have support and people to keep you moving forward! The difference? There are no strings attached. 💕 #nostringsattached #EmotionalAbuse #DomesticViolence #Financialabuse #physicalabuse #startingover

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Was it really abuse? #ChildAbuse #physicalabuse (T.W.)

I'm 16 year old F here and my life is pretty much a mess right now. I'm getting some flashbacks from my childhood and idk they are really disturbing to me.

▪︎When I was 2-3 years old my mom beating me really hard with a hanger because I had looked at the fruits my brothers (my badi mummy's sons) were eating. My family were really poor at that time and we were living at my badi mummy house. My badi mummy is a really cruel person and idk why but she hates me and my mom. So when I was looking at those fruits because I just wanted to taste them (I wasn't allowed to eat them) my badi mummy noticed and started telling my mom that "me bahiya ke khane pe nazer laga rahi hu" and my mom started beating me so much after that...

▪︎I was like 3-4 years old and Idk what I did but I was running from my mom in fear and then I locked myself up in the bathroom. I was so scared that I started vomiting inside...the memory is quite unclear but it's really scary to watch myself in so much fear...

▪︎I was like 4 at that time and I was just drinking my milk at my brother's bed. I by mistakenly spilled the milk on the bed when my mom saw that she was outrageous about it (apparently she thought that once again badi mummy is going spto say something about me) so she started yelling at me. I was so afraid that I started running around the house to save brothers were laughing at this...idk what happened next but the fear in my eyes was so terrifying.

There were few other memories like that too like when mom locked me in a dark room, or mom literally throwing me on sofa etc it was all scary to remember...and trust me I was always a goody two shoes...I never did anything mischievous things but still mom use to beat me...

I don't remember much about my childhood but all of these seems like messed up my brain because I remember beating myself when i was merely 7 years old (i still do it). Now whenever anyone yells at me I started crying and thinking about killing myself...idk why i get so afraid...many times I end up trying to kill myself (5-6 times).

Now I'm confused about what happened to me was really abuse or serious? Or I'm just over thinking?? I mean it is pretty normal for parents to hit kids but idk why sometimes I feel like what happened to me was wrong...please help me

■ Badi mummy means my dad's older brother's wife
■ Mom had stop beating me when I like 8-9 but the memories are now coming back
■ Recently I've been sexually abused too

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