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Sucks when sometimes you appear happy outside and people think your struggles aren’t real

When you try to be happy/ not affect people by your struggles, or you’re naturally trying to be kind and distract yourself, but then people don’t believe you struggle with an invisible illness, such as anxiety/ depression etc.

I understand it’s hard and people mean well, but sometimes it’s tough when you feel shame or things like you aren’t valid enough even though only you can know your secret struggles .

#Anxiety #Depression #struggles #Emotions #Stereotypes #hard #notfaking #sad

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#Gastroparesis #notfaking

my work has been giving me a hard time because I’ve been missing days. no one really believes I am that sick. I went to work today and basically got paid to throw up in their bathroom all day.... so yea now I hope they see that I am not faking I am really that sick.


I feel safe online...

I feel safe online when I don't get judged or told "I'm faking" or "I want attention".

It's really irritating when I tell someone about all of the joints that hurt, or that I can't do something because of my arthritis. I usually don't talk about it just because I don't like people telling me that I'm faking or just trying to get some attention. It's aggravating!

#notfaking #arthtitis #whywouldanyonefakethispain