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    What helps you balance between being positive and accepting/ validating your feelings and thoughts 💭

    Finding a balance between being positive and also accepting your sometimes negative feelings or thoughts that aren’t always so happy and dandy.

    Both are equally valuable, but I guess what helps you to be self-aware or manage them so it’s not one more than the other? When possible.

    #Positivity #negativity #balance #mind #growing #norightorwrong #Anxiety #Depression #struggles #managing

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    May your coffee kick in before reality does.

    Ah, I see what you mean now. "May Your Coffee Kick In Before Reality Does" ... what a brilliant phrase! As someone who struggles with anxiety and can't partake in the joy of coffee (well, decaf, yes.) I can still appreciate the sentiment behind this statement.

    We all have those days where reality hits us like a ton of bricks, and we could use a little extra boost to get through it. Whether it's a looming deadline at work, a tough conversation, finance, mental struggles or just the general stress of everyday life, sometimes we need something to help us power through.

    And that's where the beauty of this phrase comes in. It's a reminder to take a moment for ourselves, to indulge in something that brings us joy and helps us face the challenges of the day. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a brisk walk, meditation, hear my wife singing or laughing, we all need something to help us kickstart our day and face reality head-on.

    So, here's to all of us who need a little extra help to face the day. May your coffee (or substitute of choice) kick in before reality does, and may you find the strength and resilience to conquer whatever challenges come your way. Let's face it, we all need a little bit of magic to make it through the day sometimes, and that's okay.

    #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Depression #MentalHealth #struggles

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    A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia. - Borderline Bipolar. Not considered Bipolar because I always had #stability and worked extra hard because I was a single mom. Up until last year I left my job of 5 years for More money. My life went downhill after that. The day I after I put my 2 week notice in I caught long term Covid and almost died. Lost my vision couldn’t walk or take. Some how I recovered. As soon as I did my kids moved out. I went into a deep depression and lost my job. My kids haven’t spoken to me since they left with a father that was gone the last 6 years. It affected my performance so I was let go after 6 months. And this week a tornado hit my storage and I lost everything. I spent the whole day yesterday in bed crying. I some home had managed to not turn to drugs and alcohol. Trying to cope and feel this but it’s getting out of hand. I go to the gym every day. Just reaching out for kind words and help really. What are some positive ways you guys and girls handle stress. What books have you read that helped better understand what your going through. #struggles #Bipolar #Cyclothymia #basicallybipolar #thinline #help #thissucks

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    Help with work anxiety

    :) I am at a new job and usually struggle to find or keep employment, so far everyone is nice and the training is better than at other places, but guess don’t want to feel alone in my struggles hiding my mental health at the workplace, maybe eventually I can reach out for help if they are accommodating, they offer some mental health supports partnerships so I’m incredibly lucky. Thanks for any tips and sharing your own story or struggles with work anxiety.

    😊🙂🙂💕🙏 💼



    #Newjob #Anxiety #coping #Trying #Hardwork #DoingMyBest #Hope #New #Life #struggles #Selflove #patience #growing #selfImprovement #resillience #Work #WorkAnxiety #Job #Brave #fears #Journaling #tryingtoovercomefears #SocialAnxiety #Coworkers #Nice #positive #positiveexperience

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    I think I’m good at advice, but ya never know!! 😂

    #Advice #Friends #Family #struggles

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    Just a brief introduction :)

    Hi, my name is casieeisac. I just completed a long-term residential rehab program in March. I'm doing ok but looking for people to connect with who understand the lived experience of addiction as a way to support my recovery. I'm about to have 1yr clean on June 18th, so that's nifty. I'm struggling with some, let's say, misunderstandings about recovery & how it works with my mom right now. She's constantly on me about something and she's accusing me of using lately. I can't leave her out of my life bc she is currently and has been caring for my daughter for the last 2yrs. It's all a little complicated. So, yeah, hi and thanks for letting me be part of your group. #hi #Recovery #struggles



    I know that I’ll be struggling with how I feel physically this weekend. I got a bad cat bite last weekend and the antibiotics are takings their toll on me and I’m on them through Monday.
    When I don’t feel good I struggle because I always feeling good. When I’m not feeling well, I feel sad and feel I’m missing things. I also find that I cry for my husband and my Father who died 9 months apart from a quick spreading cancer nearly a decade ago. My husband was 49 years old - high school sweetheart (pancreatic cancer - 7 weeks) my dad, (my hero) 75, lung cancer, 4 weeks. Just as I was mourning my dad, my husband started not feeling great. They left swiftly and very ill. I’ve long mastered the flashbacks but when I’m sick, I want one or both of them. I’m nearly 59 and and those core human needs they should. I’m only human.
    Anyway, anticipating a struggle, I’ve made ice with my Ice maker to sip on some nice cold drinks, got my new Debbie McComber novel ready, got my laundry done and all my errands and switched shifts at work. I also have at least 20 ty notes to write and just maybe (SURPRISE) the antibiotics won’t hit me as hard as they usually do on day 5.
    My point is, I know myself, when I know that illness is coming, I prepare…and I get through it more like a luxurious retreat than a sad, dark, miserable weekend. I’ve trained myself these past years. When you lose half of your heart, you learn to embrace the struggle 😊

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    think i’ve got to agree to disagree.

    ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫

    when you’re trying to heal from trauma, those open wounds are not up for debate on whether it was a choice to have gone through hell and back. mental illness is a serious thing, and acting like you can decide whether you want to throw your screaming past behind you or carry it with you is not something you decide; your brain will decide for you.

    #MentalHealth #Anxiety #PastSelf #Agreetodisagree #mentallyill #struggles #Speakyourtruth #venting #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ChildhoodTraumaSurvivors

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    The Struggle Is Real

    I think we fear what other people think way too much, but some people make it hard not to. During the Holidays is one of those times we get together with family and often judged. Believe in yourself and set good boundaries of what you tolerate. #ChronicMigraines #Migraines #ChronicPain #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #OccipitalNeuralgia #neuralgia #onedatatatime #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #struggle #struggles

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    Mindfulness Humor #Mindfulness #Humor #struggles

    It isn't always easy, but you can always laugh! 😂😂😂