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Tired of the word “crazy”

I don’t get #offended often if at all. My skin is pretty thick. Or so I like to believe. I been called every name in the book. But, I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say that the word #Crazy has gotten so far from the actual definition. #Crazy can be fun. #Crazy can be psycho. #Crazy can be stupid. I’m tired of it.

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Prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping?

I am a trans man. I was born female and have currently transitioned socially, I dress male, my name is male, I act male.
Today I called the 'Very' customer service line to enquire about an order. I run through all the questions, full name, DOB, address ect and they kept asking if I was calling on behalf of myself? Then passed me on to another call person who asked all the same info and again asked to talk to Logan I explained that's me this is my account.
I asked about my issue and they tell me they have closed my account during this phone call I might add and the money I have already paid into the account will be refunded.
This I have to admit this feels like my first block against services whether it is prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping because to me I was rejected from my account.
I will admit I am very privileged to be a white person and though I don't discriminate against any colour or religion well maybe against Christianity (too judgy for their own good) but now I have had a small taste of the injustice anyone out of the norm faces.
#Depression #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #hate #Transman #offended #Discrimination #standtogether #Racism

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