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    June was canceled for me!

    Pretty much this whole month, I wish it didn’t happen. First I wound up with a cellulitis infection that had to heal. On the heels of that I tested positive for Covid! I’m three days into it..and my symptoms are super congestion, headaches, sneezing, (my nose is raw) occasional coughing fatigue, and some stomach upset. This strain of the variant virus is like an awful head cold.

    My husband who goes out and about everyday has so far tested negative. We have both been fully vaccinated and I’ve even had double boosters.

    I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and metabolic syndrome, and had just recovered from a skin infection. I wondered if it was my weakened immune system that made me an easier target for the virus? So far three friends I’d seen a couple of days before I fell ill, all have been fine. -They might be asymptomatic, or hopefully by some miracle I’m the only one who’s become ill?

    I was thinking last night that I would hate to be in a physically sick state like this for a duration. I just deel with the other conditions I have..

    It must truly be awful to be physically, chronically ill.

    I texted my oldest daughter something like the sentance above, with the addition of my current state of health. I doubt she’d even read or respond to it. I have sympathy and can also identify with crap people go through. My 40 year old daughter ghosted us. Without explanation or reason and there was no provocation on our part. She’s got Stage 4 cancer, so on some level I get the block out of people, loved ones, she conveniently doesn’t wish to deel with any longer!

    So, I have taken a Red Sharpie across my paper wall calendar and drawn a large X through the month of June! I feel like I didn’t get a June 2022! #illness #COVID19 #Depression #PTSD #sick #AutoimmuneDisease #hate this! I’m in sick #bed mode. #I tried to do a least one productive thing today. I just want to feel better and get back to functioning on some level..

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    What are your dislikes and likes about a tornado?

    <p>What are your dislikes and likes about a tornado?</p>
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    i hate everyone and everything. why keep going? nothing changes. no one changes.

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    I don't hate others.
    I just hate MYSELF sooo much. I just can't put it into words how much I despise my own self.
    Useless and worthless!

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    #hate life

    I hate life right now, it’s out to get me everything is going wrong, just crashed a second car just over a month apart even dreamed last night that I had a crash. I’m having bouts of deep depression my anxiety has been surfacing from time to time my marriage is a disaster my mental health is volatile feeling outburst of anger simmering like I’m about to boil over just wish I was dead life really sucks I don’t have much of a life worth living at all and feel unloved and unwanted in my own home to say the least what is life trying to communicate to me that im not getting what do I need to do I hhhaaaaatttteeeee thiiiiiissssss

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    Alone in a crowd

    <p>Alone in a crowd</p>
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    Community Voices

    More thunderstorms #hate them and it is so cold here 🍁🍀♥️🐾🌸

    <p>More thunderstorms <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="hate" href="/topic/hate/" data-id="5bec7043ae0afe00c01b876b" data-name="hate" aria-label="hashtag hate">#hate</a>  them and it is so cold here 🍁🍀♥️🐾🌸</p>
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    Prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping?

    <p>Prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping?</p>
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    The most hurtful things

    My mother and father in law love their alcohol, but they are not the type of alcoholics that make things more fun and exciting. They are mean and critical of everything. Today as I was bathing their 3 grand kids (my boyfriends kids from his previous marriage) my mother in law yells to me “how many medications are you on, you are fucked up in the head, a hypochondriac. That’s why you are 26 with no friends, that must be sad, you are just plain crazy”. Now, I know they don’t like me because I am sick all the time and “can’t be a real mother” to their grandkids. My boyfriend is back at home thinking this would be best with everything going on. These people have never said thank you, for anything that I do. I spend each pay check to feed them and put clothes on their back, I bathe them and brush their teeth and they chose to call ME mom after 2 years with them. These people have money, but I grew up with very little, and they call me “white trash” regularly. My heart is with those kids and their son (adopted son). It’s tough as hell dealing with people who are insensitive to anyone but themselves.
    I can understand why people end up feeling alone or isolated and don’t value themselves. Because we are told we should be embarrassed or that we are a burden. It’s the negativity from hurtful people that keeps others from reaching out. When people don’t understand, we make poor judgements, but the moment the tables turn, they want their sympathy. I’m lost. I needed to vent. I want to hear from anyone

    I pray that I remain strong and see my value although emotionally I’m having a difficult time staying okay.
    #chronic #Pain #Anxiety #Loneliness #Undiagnosed #Depression #lost #hate #misunderstood #help #Alcoholism #IfYouFeelHopeless

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