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Prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping?

I am a trans man. I was born female and have currently transitioned socially, I dress male, my name is male, I act male.
Today I called the 'Very' customer service line to enquire about an order. I run through all the questions, full name, DOB, address ect and they kept asking if I was calling on behalf of myself? Then passed me on to another call person who asked all the same info and again asked to talk to Logan I explained that's me this is my account.
I asked about my issue and they tell me they have closed my account during this phone call I might add and the money I have already paid into the account will be refunded.
This I have to admit this feels like my first block against services whether it is prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping because to me I was rejected from my account.
I will admit I am very privileged to be a white person and though I don't discriminate against any colour or religion well maybe against Christianity (too judgy for their own good) but now I have had a small taste of the injustice anyone out of the norm faces.
#Depression #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #hate #Transman #offended #Discrimination #standtogether #Racism

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I am a mother of a handsome 2 year old little boy, I went through ppd when he was first born on through his first year and a half of his life.

one reason it was hard to get out and do things with my little guy was the fear of being "mom shamed"

I'd like to have a quick rant and maybe a discussion about this.

I dont understand why people on the internet or in person need to shame moms we are all doing the best we can. we should all be empowering and trying to help eachother, instead I have seen people receiving death threats over things that in my opinion are ridiculous to threaten about.

if you dont like what you see online keep scrolling. if you see a mom tying to calm their child down in the walmart isle because they are throwing a tantrum give them a reassuring smile as if to say I get you. its it's ok.

please everyone can we please start empowering eachother instead of tearing others down. If there are other mothers reading this I get some of what your going through I hope you know you are not alone and keep up the great work your babies and children love you for yoyou.

rant over.

#Empowerment #Love #endthehate #weareinthistogether #PPD #parentingstough #standtogether


New year, new perspective

As we let in the new year, we owe it to ourselves to practice and meditate on the things that are good and produce positivity. Easier said than done, but sometimes mental illness makes it harder to distinguish feelings and thoughts from reality. I am trying to live in the present moment and resisting the urge to dwell on the things in the past which trigger my depression and ptsd, or worrying about the future, which produces anxiety or panic. love is where its at. Perfect love casts out all fear. Just breathe and its ok to be whoever you are. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say "i love you and want the best"? Im working on that for sure. If anyone on this community needs someone to talk to, im here for you. You dont have to feel lonely. #standtogether


Finding that inner strength #Anxiety

Since last December I've suffered huge outbreaks of anxiety affecting both my personal and work life. I've been waiting 5 months for a therapist to be appointed to me but today I hit a wall.

After weeks and weeks of chasing my gp and being assured they're chasing it, it came to light today they've done nothing. As a result I've had a meltdown at work and been sent home after been deemed unfit to work. My anxiety goes two ways; either I get angry and explode or I shut down. Today I shut down, I've cried, couldn't breath, my eyes were twitching and my mind was empty.

I am fortunate enough to have the luxury of mental health first aiders at work who took me in a room and together we called an line, the Samaritans and spent an hour on the phone to the works counselling service. I also called back my doctors surgery and lost my temper asking to speak with the practice manager with no joy. I can't tell you how let down I felt by the people who are paid to look out for me. In the end they provided me the number to the high intensity therapist so I could hear for myself they have no appointments but I know they only did this to get me off the phone. I called the therapist and spilt my heart out just to hear it could be 4 more weeks as the gp failed to chase it and upgrade it to an emergency.

In the end I left work and decided to walk home. I took a scenic route across Manchester quay side and found a peaceful spot to do the 4 2 4 breathing technique, gather my thoughts and get myself into a headspace where I could make a plan. I came to the conclusion I need to change my surgery and made another call to the high intensity therapist to ensure my referral would still stand if I changed surgery to which they confirmed that was fine.

In less than 5 minutes I got a call back from them with an emergency appointment for tomorrow at 9am. I cried my heart out with relief. I was and am so grateful.

I wanted to post this as I have learnt today that putting yourself in a headspace where you can think clearly can have a massively positive effect. I calmed myself enough to make a plan and gain the confidence to make a judgement call... it paid off! I now see tomorrow as the start of my recovery after months and months of struggling with the unknown.

For any of you out there struggling to get help today then try what I've done. It may work, it may not but persevere and keep trying to find out what does work for you. There are so many groups and advice lines that can help but never give up. Stay strong and carry on. #Anxiety #TheMighty #standalone #standtogether