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    I am proud of you! #proud #Positvity

    I saw this in my photos and it made me think about a lot of people whose stories I’ve read. I know it is very hard to pull yourself out of a dark place. I know I have trouble. I want you to know you’re not alone and I’m proud that you do it when you can.


    Positive stories?

    I am currently in senior high school and suffer from chronic pain, I am doing a class production on chronic pain for my theatre class and was wondering if anyone was able to share some positive stories? Everything would remain 100% anonymous. I am just struggling to recount any super positive experiences as of right now.
    Thank you!
    #MyPainPointOfView #ChronicPainSyndrome #teenagers #ChronicMigraines #Positvity

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    Travelling is something I’ve always enjoyed, something I hope I can do soon. It’s kind of a dream exactly like me wanting to become a surgeon.
    Tbh I have these two dreams in my life that is to become a surgeon and travel the world. And obviously to travel I need money! Just hope, someday I travel the whole wide world. Go to all the places I want to. Because right now I live with my parents and am dependent on them for my expenses (because that’s how things work here)
    But someday in life I want to travel the whole globe. I want to go to all those places I’ve longed to go too. Just wish that someday was today!
    The day I start earning everything will be on my terms and conditions.
    I hope to achieve the dreams I have!
    #Positvity #Travel #MentalHealth #Depression
    #Tryingtochange ##medschool #Medicine #University #Life