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To my Ex: Who told me that my illness is part of my identity

To anyone but, especially to a partner this is such a hurtful thing to say..Good Riddance! Boy, Bye!

You would not say that to anyone with a broken arm or physical deformity would you? No of course not you'd sound like an asshole. Would you make your grandmother feel guilty about saying no to a vacation because so much activity would cause her pain? No of course not. I Believe me I understand. I know that you have made tremendous sacrifice for me and probably tried your best. For all of that I am very thankful. The sacrifices you have made do not change the cold heartless nature of several things you have said to me.  Honestly our relationship in a lot of ways our relationship was toxic and dangerous to my health.  Walking away is a fresh start and probably one of the best decisions I can make for myself and my health right now. It is also one of the most difficult decisions I have ever  made.

 About my illness being my identity... You are wrong. Truly you could not sound more insensitive or moronic. My illness is something  that happened to me it does not change my identity. Believe me I am not bed/couch ridden by choice. This is not how I imagined 25 buddy. I am not weaker less than and should never be made to feel small because of my  illness. No one should. Ever. You are a weak little man for making me feel this way instead of building me up when I needed you most. I don't wish anything negative and I want the best for you. I just don't have any respect for you. Which is a lovely bonus because you have made yourself very undesirable. That will make it easier to let go and leave you behind.

 I am so glad to be free of your negative energy. My stress levels are lower and my sleep is better because of it already. I'm sure my path to recovery from my disease and self love have just become worlds easier. In letting you go I have really started to find myself again..  I am not going to lose myself for the sake of a boy like I did for you ever again. I prefer a real man. My life is much better without you. I give myself all of the love and acceptance that you never could. Its been here the whole time. -Hannah  (a girl with an illness that is separate from her identity)
Don't ever let someone tell you your illness is your identity. It is not! You are beautiful creative, brave, strong, talented, brilliant and so much more. Illness or not surround yourself with people who build you up instead of bring you down. Don't settle for someone who can simply handle your illness and survive.. A partner should challenge you to improve and not make you feel poorly about yourself. We all deserve someone who truly accepts us for who we are. An illness does't make you less than anyone anyone else. Take up space. Take up a lot of it! You are deserving and worthy of love. #thankyounext #MyPainPointOfView #lymerage


Positive stories?

I am currently in senior high school and suffer from chronic pain, I am doing a class production on chronic pain for my theatre class and was wondering if anyone was able to share some positive stories? Everything would remain 100% anonymous. I am just struggling to recount any super positive experiences as of right now.
Thank you!
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Not again #Flareup #treatedlikeanaddict

#MyPainPointOfView Has anyone esle had this experience? Where you're trying to follow what a doc wants but then they decide you can't have meds for two more days when your out?! Like christ. Excuse me for trying to get chronic pain relief. I think if the laws are dehumanizing we need to change them. Thoughts?


Surviving vs Living

Most days feel like a struggle. I'm battling life while trying to give a life for my kids. "It" crosses my mind way too much these days. I dont think I ever would but I dont feel alive having these thoughts so often. I just want peace and happiness. Everytime I think I might, something or someone takes it. I'm slowly breaking down and now feel I have lost myself.


Stress Cramps #Endometriosis

I've had a lot on my mind the pat few days. I'm finding myself balled up when I'm sitting, my muscles are so tense. Enter what I have called "stress cramps". I basically give myself cramps by curling up and tensing my stomach muscles. For me it's one of the more inconvenient symptoms I have right now (I've got my Endo relatively well treated right now). #MyPainPointOfView


Does anyone else think that doctors don't take enough time to get the full info when seeing a patient? #Doctors

I feel like doctors are always quick to push people out the door and you only rarely find a doctor who takes the time to sit with you and actually listen to your struggles. #Doctors #Depression #Anxiety #illness #MyPainPointOfView