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    Saw my friend graduating

    So in my new job working in events management i get to see all sorts of events going on from concerts to meetings to sports and today we had university graduations and i got to see one of my mates from church in his robe and cap. I may not have gotten to see him walk the stage but i felt so happy for the bro lining up to go in was so cool to see. I didnt make it to my best friends graduation because I couldn’t afford to travel but this felt so cool and just makes me even more thankful for this job. #Events #Graduation #proud #GodisGood #thankful

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    Songs That Say It All…

    <p>Songs That Say It All…</p>
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    Be #proud of yourself.

    <p>Be <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="proud" href="/topic/proud/" data-id="5c2971c420014900c9441aea" data-name="proud" aria-label="hashtag proud">#proud</a>  of yourself.</p>
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    Community Voices

    #CheerMeOn Letting it out

    <p><a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Cheer Me On" href="/topic/cheermeon/" data-id="5cacee6c78919e00e432de21" data-name="Cheer Me On" aria-label="hashtag Cheer Me On">#CheerMeOn</a>  Letting it out</p>
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    It's 3:00am here, so yesterday morning I woke up went to my seaking safety class, talked to my #AddictionRecovery specialist, and the #HealthNurse . "As you might think I'm an attention seaker" Ha I wish,my life is a F* mess. Well I finally opened up and let know what all I was going through & how I felt about #DependentPersonalityDisorder . They all told me they was #proud of the #progress I was making. Well apparently I'm not allowed to #haveagoodday . Well little later I have go get my license and insurance card I forgot. 1st The Dr decided close early 2nd My car wouldn't start I even tried getting a jump, no luck. 3rd Husband in #jail for #DomesticViolence on me. I let him know what all happened. So he starts going off on me yelling, cussing me out, telling me how F* stupid I was and how I always do stuff to make him mad. "Like ya I wanted to get stranded in the hot weather" so here I am awake from #Stress #Worried wish I could just sleep. "Not trying to OD" but I've taken 3 of my 400mg of #serequel I'm just so over this I'm just praying I'd pass out and #notwakeup I'm sorry #justventing #DepressiveDisorders #LifeProblems #Readytogiveup

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    Be proud of yourself

    <p>Be proud of yourself</p>
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    Community Voices

    I'm proud of you 💜🥳

    <p>I'm proud of you 💜🥳</p>
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