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I am proud of you! #proud #Positvity

I saw this in my photos and it made me think about a lot of people whose stories I’ve read. I know it is very hard to pull yourself out of a dark place. I know I have trouble. I want you to know you’re not alone and I’m proud that you do it when you can.


Saw my friend graduating

So in my new job working in events management i get to see all sorts of events going on from concerts to meetings to sports and today we had university graduations and i got to see one of my mates from church in his robe and cap. I may not have gotten to see him walk the stage but i felt so happy for the bro lining up to go in was so cool to see. I didnt make it to my best friends graduation because I couldn’t afford to travel but this felt so cool and just makes me even more thankful for this job. #Events #Graduation #proud #GodisGood #thankful

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Be #proud of yourself.

Do something that makes you feel proud today.
That could simply be the fact you've had the energy to brush your teeth and that's good enough.

Little things are hard to do when you love with a #ChronicIllness so be proud of those little things you accomplish.

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Saved for New Tablet #proud #tablet

My tablet broke a few months ago, one of our cats knocked it down and bent the shit out of it, luckily, had some money saved cause I was already planning on buying a small one, I ended up getting one the same size as the old one, but I went with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

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#CheerMeOn Letting it out

I had a good cry with one of my parents tonight (well I cried, they listened). It felt good to be vulnerable and open; it also felt good to just allow tears to flow instead of holding it all in and ultimately having it expressed or taken out on myself in less healthy ways. I am #coping and I am #proud !

How do you cope and/or express your emotions? For me talking it out helps and like I said, sometimes you need a good cry! I also enjoy writing and art as a release too. #creativewriter

#Trauma #PTSD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealth #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Autism #LearningDisabilities #Dyscalculia #SensoryProcessingDisorder #ADHD #Anxiety


#upfornoreason #DepressionAndMentalHealth #SuicidalIdeation

It's 3:00am here, so yesterday morning I woke up went to my seaking safety class, talked to my #AddictionRecovery specialist, and the #HealthNurse . "As you might think I'm an attention seaker" Ha I wish,my life is a F* mess. Well I finally opened up and let know what all I was going through & how I felt about #DependentPersonalityDisorder . They all told me they was #proud of the #progress I was making. Well apparently I'm not allowed to #haveagoodday . Well little later I have go get my license and insurance card I forgot. 1st The Dr decided close early 2nd My car wouldn't start I even tried getting a jump, no luck. 3rd Husband in #jail for #DomesticViolence on me. I let him know what all happened. So he starts going off on me yelling, cussing me out, telling me how F* stupid I was and how I always do stuff to make him mad. "Like ya I wanted to get stranded in the hot weather" so here I am awake from #Stress #Worried wish I could just sleep. "Not trying to OD" but I've taken 3 of my 400mg of #serequel I'm just so over this I'm just praying I'd pass out and #notwakeup I'm sorry #justventing #DepressiveDisorders #LifeProblems #Readytogiveup

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I’m profoundly proud of my wounds, because they stand for everything I’ve been through and survived! I’m always trying to not allow past pain and suffering dictate current well being. I choose to honor myself for the fact that I’ve been through so much and I’m still alive and kicking!!! I have survived a life being Bipolar...with manic episodes and suicidal thoughts.Thankfully those are behind me becausemy meds have been relatively balanced for over a decade; I have survived being HIV+ and Living w/AIDS for 35 years...and all of the Emotional challenges it presented : Fear, Worry, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Survivor’s Guilt and PTSD; I have survived the Physical health challenges it’s brought into my life: cDefifile (8x) often a week in the hospital, Shingles (2x) once a month in the hospital, Bronchitis (12+x), Pneumonia (3x), Neuropathy that had me bedridden for 9 months and told I may never walk again and still plagues me today; and I have survived the struggle with Addiction throughout my life (9.5 years sober); plus I’m a Covid survivor struggling with regular intense migraines currently. Having a positive outlook and keeping things in perspective offers me hope and encouragement to keep moving on, one day at a time...I still can struggle with depression, but in the big picture: I’m still here and a proud survivor and that is truly a blessing!

#BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Depression #Anxiety #Survivor #HIVAIDS #hivlongtermsurvivors #SurvivorsGuilt #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #SOBER #attitude #proud #MentalHealthHero #MentalHealth #Positivity #happy #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalIllnessStigma

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I've been wanting (needing) to make a chicken saddle for my hen Marble for so long but #Depression and just #Life got pretty sad for a bit. Today I managed to focus long enough and got it done before my #fshd shoulders got too sore at the sewing machine. It's a start, and I'm pretty #proud ! What are the things you're looking forward to accomplishing?