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Started New Med

Started new med last night. Pristiq
50 mg. I have never had any super strong side effects to med in the past.
I took it at bedtime because the info said it may make me drowsy. I woke up three hours later with insomnia and slight headache, terrible nausea and stomach upset. Felt like I had a bad stomach bug. I took hydroxyzine to help me sleep thru it. I don’t want to stop because I am SO desperate for help and have taken many others meds. I will call dr Monday to see if I can start with lower dose and work up. I find it soooo strange how these medications affect all of us so differently. #ChronicDepression #Depression #Medication #Pristiq

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What works? The struggle of finding the right fit! #Antidepressant #wellbutrin #Effexor #cymbalta #Pristiq #GeneSight

Ok. So I have been struggling with depression for years. The first time I tried mediation was when I was in my 30’s. I started with Wellbutrin SR. It worked so well for me. I was feeling good. Energetic. I was exercising. Lost weight. Then my mother passed away. It appeared maybe the medication hit a plateau. And yes I was forgetting to take it. Doctor RXed me XL version. Didn’t work anymore. Stopped taking it. My depression was manageable. I am a school counselor so I was practing what I preach.

Breast cancer surprised me but caught just in time. And I opted for double masectomy. Had to take tamoxifen. Horrible pill. Wrecked havoc on my emotions. The only medicine I could take without countering with tamoxifen was Effexor. Worked great for awhile. Very strong. Had a bit of an euphoria for a short time. However, it dampened my libido - for lack of better words. 🤪 and then it stopped working for me. Quit that.

Only recently before Covid happened, doctor suggested Cymbalta which would help with my anxiety, depression, and my back pains. I got the medicine but never started it. I managed to get my back taken care of. And until recently, with the ongoing stress at work. With my job. Students desperate for attention. Supporting teachers and administrators. The whole shebang with the election. Covid etc etc. Wow. I am starting to be forgetful. I can’t seem to get myself organized with the work load I nearly had a breakdown at work. And I have been an absolute terror at home. My poor partner has been on the brunt end of the stick. I feel horrible everyday. Doctor asked me about Cymbalta. I literally have a bottle of it waiting. I totally forgot about it. Told her my back is better. And she felt that maybe I should try Pristiq. And see if that will help me. But I am scared to try it for fear of finding out about the side effects or that it doesn’t work and having to go thru withdrawal all over again. You know. Should I go ahead and try it?

Doctor did say for me to see if my insurance would cover Genesight. Anyone ever try that? It is suppose to analyze which medication is the best fit for you. What are your thoughts about that?

Thanks for hearing me out. 💜💜

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Does increased hunger in Pristiq go away?

It's been 15 days I am on Pristiq 100mg. I have uncontrollable hunger especially for carbs and sweets. I have put on 5lbs in last 2 weeks. Does this increased appetite go away after a while or stays throughout? #Pristiq #Appetite #weightgain


Has anybody has success taking Pristiq? No horror stories please.

I started taking Pristiq about a month ago and at first nothing seemed to change then it felt worse and I almost went off it completely (but kept going anyway) and the last few days have been pretty ok but I’m still not sure the meds are working, though. I’m kinda nervous about being on a medication at all but I was hoping someone could give me some reassurance that this medication can help. #Pristiq

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Thoughts on #Pristiq ?

Switched to Pristiq after being on two other meds. I just wanted to see how people like it,