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Law of attraction

There's no way for me to attract the things I truly want and deserve, if I'm not spiritually and mentally in the place I want to be yet.

I love me and I love being me but the question is am I living to my highest potential? No, but I'm trying each and everyday. Some days are easy and some days are really hard. The last few days have been really hard.

I made a promise to myself that I'm not going to give up on me and I don't break promises. This universe gave me a chance and it's up to me to take it. I'm going to make me proud and I can't wait.

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#wellbutrin #prozac


I just wanted to ask, has a prozac and wellbutrin combo worked well for anyone?

Right now I'm on 40mg of prozac and on Friday my psychiatrist is going to add on wellbutrin to the combo.

Prozac lately hasn't done anything for me, so I'm wondering if adding this will actually work. I've tried 3 different depression meds before this with no luck.



Anyone who has taken Wellbutrin and stopped?

I’ve been on Wellbutrin for a little over a year now, and I love it, but the career I want to go into doesn’t allow for this medication (FAA) and so I’ve been thinking about stopping it. Obviously I need to talk to my psychiatrist about this, but I just wanted to hear some first hand experiences. My biggest concern is weight gain if I were to stop, because I lost about 7-10lbs while on it and I’m really scared of gaining it back. So if there is anyone out there who has taken Wellbutrin and then stopped at any point, what was your experience like? #wellbutrin #Medication #help


Bupropion insomnia

It’s been 3.5 weeks since I’ve started taking this and I’m still dealing with the problem of insomnia. I take 150 mg hcl xr in the morning. Anyone else experienced this?
#ADHD #Depression #wellbutrin



i’ve switched from celexa to wellbutrin about 2 weeks ago and ive had horrible side effects 24/7 dizziness nausea insane anxiety, etc. how long does it take for the side effecta to go away?? i started wellbutrin to help with both anxiety and depression but they seem worse but maybe it hasnt been enough time for it to start working?? let me know your experiences or what you think! i’m so tired of suffering all day every day #Depression #Anxiety #wellbutrin #celexa #Lexapro


Can wellbutrin worsen suicidal ideation? #wellbutrin #Depression #Anxiety

After a particularly rough few months I began taking wellbutrin to supplement with the Prozac I have been taking for years. After starting the wellbutrin I have found myself even more suicidal than before and my depression symptoms have worsened. Little appetite, insomnia, no motivation, that kind of thing but the suicidal ideation has been the worst. But my psychiatrist told me suicidal ideation is not a side effect of wellbutrin and something else must be the problem such as the Prozac not working effectively. I was just curious to see if anyone else had a similar reaction. Thank you.


#wellbutrin question

Has anyone experienced suicidal thoughts when beginning Wellbutrin? I’m on 150 mg and only had 7 days of it. I’m crying constantly and I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. #Depression #SuicidalThoughts #Anxiety


Wellbutrin vs Adderall

I’m going to my primary physician this week in order to start medication (I have ADHD combined with unspecified depressive disorder and moderate anxious distress) because the psychiatrists around me aren’t currently taking new patients. The doctor said they would start me on adderall, but my therapist said to ask about Wellbutrin. Has anyone taken Wellbutrin, and if so, what was your experience like? Any information you have would be really helpful because this will be my first time on medication ever! #Medication #wellbutrin #Adderall #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety


Wellbutrin as an add-on

Does anyone take Effexor and Wellbutrin together? My Dr. added Wellbutrin to my effexor to maybe offset some of my cravings and weight gain. I haven’t tried it yet. I have taken Wellbutrin in the past by itself and it only made me angry and agitated. Wondering if it would do different though if taken with my effexor. Anyone have any experience with that? TIA #wellbutrin #wellbutrinasaddon #wellbutrinwitheffexor

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Wellbutrin as add-on to effexor xr? #wellbutrin #Effexor #weightgain

Hi! Have any of you been prescribed Wellbutrin as an add on to counteract the sugar and carb cravings and weight gain from your regular antidepressant?
Topomax no longer works for me for food cravings and bingeing. I have tried different antidepressants through the years and Wellbutrin alone didn’t work even though I lost weight on it. Made me very angry and didn’t help anything. That’s been several years ago. I’ve been on effexor for several years now. However my doctor recently upped my dosage to 150mgs and I’ve gained 17 lbs since May because of it. I’m not sure if I want to try the Wellbutrin as an add on or not to see if it will counteract the effexor weight gain and cravings. Anyone else in my shoes? Thanks in advance.