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Isn't it crazy how crazy people call you and make you look crazy... And at some point YOU even believe it for a moment!? They may even drive you to a point where you act "crazy", just so they can say "see, this is what I mean"!
Isn't it crazy that we're willing to give up our sanity, just to please the crazy ones and even hope to be loved by them. We try everything possible to make it work, wondering why it's not working and we we truly believe there is something wrong with US... We really believe we are not lovable... All because the crazy person made us feel so!

#Crazy #narcissist #Sociopath #psychopath #ChronicPain


What Disturbs Me the Most (TW: Psychopathic behavior)

#psychopath #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #Narcissiticabuse #ChildAbuse

I am ready to move forward in my EMDR. I feel stronger now.  I find, though, that the most disturbing things my abuser did was the sadistic or straight up psychopathic things. I'm certain it was about power trips honestly, but it was so inhuman.  The way he would stare blankly at me and say degrading things or how he would threaten me with no emotion (sometimes rage) in his eyes.  How he would watch intently while he slowly hurt you or pretended to almost do so just to see you get nervous, but also to test your loyalty and ability to stay put while he got his fix.  I think this will be some of the hardest things to move on from aside from the definitive emotional incest I endured.  It was just so chilling, but I am ready.  Whatever may come, I am ready.


Smear campaign

I’m really struggling at the moment, my psychopathic violent sibling has been spreading a load of lies on social media about me, my family and her life. Like horrific massive lies. And has invited lots of my friends and colleagues and old school teachers etc to like her posts. Seems she is trying to play the ultimate victim card once again. I really want to say something in response to these posts, because she is so manipulative and because ppl don’t know the true history of what she did to us, ppl always seem to believe her and feel sorry for her and be like well that explains why she’s a bit odd. She’s not a bit odd she’s a full blown violent psychopath but only close family and friends know that. I don’t want these people who are in my life not hers to think differently and negatively about me when I have done nothing wrong. I could easily play the victim myself and tell everyone all the pain she put me through but I don’t feel like I should need to. Any advice? #Siblings #AbuseSurvivors #psychopath #Trauma

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