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    My recovery is so slow, but now that I am feeling a little better I keep thinking I should be able to will myself better the rest of the way.
    Or maybe I'm not really sick -- if I would just get up and get moving I'd be fine. Or if I just lost weight I'd be fine. That I'm a lazy sponge forcing my family to take care of me instead of taking care of myself & pulling my own weight Intellectually I know these thoughts are not true but emotionally I am losing this battle right now.

    I've fought hyperparathyroidism for close ton5 years now - January 5, 2021 I had 3 of my 4 parathyroid glands removed because all 3 had tumors on them. Thankfully one only needs half of a gland for health. I have double that! (Thankfully all the tumors were benign.) Since surgery it has been a Hormone storm as my system rebalances.
    There have been 3 out-of-State trips I needed to make, one of them by myself. The Fibromyalgia Monster that invaded my body flares after travel. The changing pressures & weather of Spring flares both the FibroMonster and migraines.
    I am trying to keep up on my PT exercises to stave off spinal surgery because arthritis is narrowing nerve pathways -- yet can't manage all the exercises each day.
    Yet I feel that if I am not exhausted, wrung out & at the end of my energy, I've just been lazy today.

    Any ideas to help me change this "stinkin' thinkin'"?

    #post surgery
    #chronic Illness
    #GERD #diverticulosis #IBS -D #Intestinal Dysmotility #Undifferentiated Eating Disorder
    #Abuse Survivor
    #Highly Sensitive Person
    #RAISED in a low-grade Cult

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    What specific things did your Mother do to you to make you feel like you were being raised by a Narcissist? My Mother was beautiful. In shape every hair in place. She went daily to the gym and weekly hair appointments. Always reminded me of my ongoing weight problem. I’m confused by the term Narcissistic that is used by so many people on the mighty to describe especially their Mothers. Are we the ones with problems and we are using the term Narcissistic to blame our Mothers for our problems. Curious as to other Mighty members specific experiences that qualify this label for their Mothers!