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    Should I spend money on regular Allied health? #Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease #sjogrens # Raynauds #Fibromyalgia

    I have been struggling with chronic illness for over 2 years now, suffering from chronic pain, fatigue & epic brain fog. It’s relentless - I am unable to work, & life as I knew it feels like a distant memory. I have also had falls & broken multiple bones, ripped muscles & have widespread tendinitis now.

    My question to others with similar challenges is - do therapies such as remedial massage, acupuncture, chiro etc make a real difference to your symptoms? I have 1-2 therapies weekly. It’s a big financial investment when added onto all the supplements, medication & Drs bills. I just am not sure that it’s helping & wondered what others opinions are?

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    My recovery is so slow, but now that I am feeling a little better I keep thinking I should be able to will myself better the rest of the way.
    Or maybe I'm not really sick -- if I would just get up and get moving I'd be fine. Or if I just lost weight I'd be fine. That I'm a lazy sponge forcing my family to take care of me instead of taking care of myself & pulling my own weight Intellectually I know these thoughts are not true but emotionally I am losing this battle right now.

    I've fought hyperparathyroidism for close ton5 years now - January 5, 2021 I had 3 of my 4 parathyroid glands removed because all 3 had tumors on them. Thankfully one only needs half of a gland for health. I have double that! (Thankfully all the tumors were benign.) Since surgery it has been a Hormone storm as my system rebalances.
    There have been 3 out-of-State trips I needed to make, one of them by myself. The Fibromyalgia Monster that invaded my body flares after travel. The changing pressures & weather of Spring flares both the FibroMonster and migraines.
    I am trying to keep up on my PT exercises to stave off spinal surgery because arthritis is narrowing nerve pathways -- yet can't manage all the exercises each day.
    Yet I feel that if I am not exhausted, wrung out & at the end of my energy, I've just been lazy today.

    Any ideas to help me change this "stinkin' thinkin'"?

    #post surgery
    #chronic Illness
    #GERD #diverticulosis #IBS -D #Intestinal Dysmotility #Undifferentiated Eating Disorder
    #Abuse Survivor
    #Highly Sensitive Person
    #RAISED in a low-grade Cult

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    I was just told I can add #Lupus to my list of autoimmune disorders (#Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, #rheumatoid Arthritis, #ankylosing Spondylitis, and #Fibromyalgia ).