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Give yourself self respect you deserve!! #loveyourself #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #parentsfightmentalhealth #mindfulness #Anxiety #pstd

My feelings and the emotions that drive through my body, making it hard to control and just that text or in speaking "Please talk to me!" "I love you!" "let's try again?" "Don't leave!" "I'm so sorry!"
When they walk away because they can't handle you and your mind. You lose your self control, your self respect. You do everything for that person you thought you loved, because your unlimited of emotions makes you feel you can't do it alone. You sabotage yourself with the toxic words from your mind! That you can't be alone! Your nothing! No! Those who walk away, don't understand, the pain we feel when they leave, but sometimes it's where we become strong once they go.
Their promise. Their way at the beginning make you believe they always there. So you latch on to those words and loose yourself and when they gone, we feel lost in pain. But we don't have to be like this.... because we have own self respect, we have gained and the power we can do it alone. No other or our emotions should control who we are becoming. Strength we can find and we fight through. Self love.... Self power... Be strong!! #ralizedAnxietyDisorder #self -image #self -sabotage #llness #mental #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #selflovemeanstome