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Hidden anxiety and depression.

I just had an anxiety attack, thinking about going to the psychiatrist but I do not want to be medicated , I’m scared of that , but I just can’t anymore, my lack of air , my chest hurts , my headaches are getting worst , I almost had a facial paralysis two days ago.
I’m tired of faking wellness in front of my family and friends, having depression and anxiety is terrible but when you are in the need to hide it is way worse.

#Anxiety #Depression #llness #mental


Give me a break #BPD #llness #mental

Dear mind:

Has been a long time since the last time I had a talk to you. I’m sure you remember me every time when I try to have a normal life and then from the sudden you make me think about how hard my life is.
Don’t get me wrong, I like you but sometimes you confuse me. I thought you wanted me to be happy and calmed down but you keep reminding me small little things to be worried about.
Give me a break, I think I deserve it.
Maybe you don’t know how to train yourself, but I’m here to help you, so I’ll give you some examples when you can start.
- when I’m on the road thinking about what I will cook for dinner.
That’s the moment when you have to shut up.
-when I’m daydreaming about my next weekend, holidays or my afternoon nap.
Could you please stop it?
-when I haven’t heard from Mike and finally he texts me asking how is my day going.
Pretty please, stop giving me bad ideas or bad thoughts about him.

We can start with those 3 ones for now but let me know if this is causing inconveniences to you and we can make a deal :)

Thanks in advance


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It is kindness that will save us all.

Saw this picture on the internet. Took a screenshot immediately. This is a reminder to myself and all of you, all the people who are on a regular basis battling with their demons, problems, issues, illnesses, and still are choosing not to give up.
This is a reminder for all of you that out there in a world which seems to have forgotten to take care of the emotions, the feelings of other, there still are people who are kind and understanding. There still are people who don't treat us and our illnesses as taboos. There still are people who don't judge us. They are there. They are kind. They support us and are in support of us. And it is this kindness that will save us all. We all need kindness and love. We all need to be kind. It's more than a word or feeling. It's action. It God's direct action. May you all have ease. 💚

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #Kindness #Love #Support #Therapy #Depression #Anxiety #chronic #notalone #Psychiatrist #psychologist #Therapist #Feeling #Emotions #llness #mental #MentalHealthAwareness


Medication for #Depression and #Anxiety

Had anyone been on cymbalta for depression and anxiety? Would love to know if they felt it helped them. I am on my second week of cymbalta while coming off trintellex. Supposed to be going on 60mg of cymbalta by next week. Did you find it helped? #DepressiveDisorders #Anxiety #llness #MentalHealth #Medication

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Give yourself self respect you deserve!! #loveyourself #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #parentsfightmentalhealth #mindfulness #Anxiety #pstd

My feelings and the emotions that drive through my body, making it hard to control and just that text or in speaking "Please talk to me!" "I love you!" "let's try again?" "Don't leave!" "I'm so sorry!"
When they walk away because they can't handle you and your mind. You lose your self control, your self respect. You do everything for that person you thought you loved, because your unlimited of emotions makes you feel you can't do it alone. You sabotage yourself with the toxic words from your mind! That you can't be alone! Your nothing! No! Those who walk away, don't understand, the pain we feel when they leave, but sometimes it's where we become strong once they go.
Their promise. Their way at the beginning make you believe they always there. So you latch on to those words and loose yourself and when they gone, we feel lost in pain. But we don't have to be like this.... because we have own self respect, we have gained and the power we can do it alone. No other or our emotions should control who we are becoming. Strength we can find and we fight through. Self love.... Self power... Be strong!! #ralizedAnxietyDisorder #self -image #self -sabotage #llness #mental #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #selflovemeanstome


Will it always be difficult to ask for help?

Hey guys. I'm (17) new here and have been diagnosed with as well. It has been about an year or so. Do any of you still feel like it's hard to ask your doctor or parents for help when you feel suicidal? I feel like they won't understand at all and end up suffering even more. Idk how to tell my psychiatrist anymore either. I'd really appreciate your help! #Bipolar2Disorder #llness #mental

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I feel like no one wants me to succeed. I feel like my family just wants me to hurry up and kill myself because I have lost control of who I am vs who I want to be #addictions #GettingHelp #llness #mental


Does it really matter what people think of you? #Selfesteem

I made a lot of wrong decions during times of trial. In my life I judged people and spread rumors about people. Eventually things turned around and I made my own nightmare by having rumors spread about me. I've been involved with personal branding So now I've drawn all this attention to myself. So I'm like having an overload of social anxiety since covid started. I'm trying to get used to the new restrictions and try to learn how to be in public again. How's everyone holding out? # #SocialAnxiety #COVID19 #llness #mental #coping #howareyou #LetsTalkFND