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I am about to disable DMs

Seriously, guys! The Mighty is NOT a pickup site! If one more person brings my physical attributes into an inbox conversation, I'm disabling my inbox and, if there is no option for this, I will just never open my inbox again!

Seriously! There are some of us with unprocessed sexual and/or relationship trauma and your comments about our physical attractiveness is super triggering!!!

#creepy #catfisher #SexualAbuseSurvivors #Relationshipabuse


Not Yours #MightyPoets #Relationshipabuse

"I'm not yours to tote about on a leash; sit, stay, come. I'm not collared by your will, your need to dictate, subjugate, humiliate. I'm not in existence to be trained, crated, forgotten- until you wish to play again. I'm my own. I gave myself freely and take myself back. Your imagined lead cannot restrain or strike. No more... "Dear". I'm not yours.


Unsupportive partners

It’s so hard living with, and dealing with, an unsupportive boyfriend. I have two children from a previous relationship, and we have one baby boy together. We’ve been together 3 years. He’s classic narcissist. He’ll pretend to understand and care for a short time, then yell and scream and throw me around any other time. He’ll throw my past trauma in my face constantly and use it against me. Call me names. Then “feel bad” and spend the rest of the night trying to “apologize.” I know what I need to do, I know what my kids need me to do, but it’s so hard... I know I deserve better, but then I think I don’t. I know my kids need a better me, but then I think they’d be better with a new mommy, one who isn’t a piece of shit. I know we need to leave, but then I feel as though I’m abandoning him. Besides the fact that we really have nowhere to go. So lost and confused. And hurt. #EmotionalAbuse #Relationships #Anxiety #Depression #Relationshipabuse #verbalabuse