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I think I’ll be okay again soon (:

I posted a few days back about being stuck in a toxic relationship. With love & support from great people and some final realizations, I made the choice to leave. He kept promising change and never delivered. I could no longer take being what he considered the problem. It hurt to go and obviously still does. I have to keep reminding myself I shouldn’t go back, I don’t have to feel bad for leaving, and I cannot help someone who didn’t want to be helped. I know I have time to go before I can feel whole again, but I feel like massive amounts of weight is off my chest! I am a woman of value and I deserve someone who cares about me— physically, mentally, and emotionally. So for now, the my focus is going towards me! I feel free!! #Relationships #Releasethestress #EverythingsGoingToBeOkay #mefirst

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Good morning

Hi everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and have someone to enjoy it with and if not, pull out a good book, cup of tea and go sit in the back yard and relax. Your never alone here. 💚💜 #sundaymood #MentalHealth #BPD #Bipolar2 #Depression #Anxiety #Releasethestress #Booksforthesoul #NeverAlone #relax #BreatheDeeply #Sunshinetherapy