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Monday, Monday!

Just thinking of y’all. I know Monday’s can feel like a delicious fresh start. But, I also know it can fill us with dread and doom.

I just wanted to say I’m proud as heck of all of you for making it through the night and having the courage to keep moving this morning.

We have eachother and we have the best gallows humor around! And that’s gotta count for something, right!? :)

#monday #rideordie #WeCanDoIt #Dream #tinysteps #Rise #Hope #OneMoreDay

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Always by my side, my angel baby, Lil Beezy

#Pets #Puppylove #esa My #rideordie #BestFriends She loves me no matter what and that means everything. When I’m in too much pain to get out of bed or go anywhere I still have my Lil Beezy to cuddle up with me. Seriously I’m so grateful to have her. I’m also so grateful that I have parents who are allowing me and Lil Beezy to stay with them because I can’t take care of her by myself anymore. I feel so guilty much of the time because pre-injury this dog and I lived active lives. I’m talking daily hikes in #runyoncanyon or #griffithpark . Now I keep telling her I owe her hundreds of walks.. and she gives me a reason to keep trying and pushing forward so that I might someday be able to fulfill that promise. For now she has a big yard to run around in safely off leash at my parents house and tho I still feel guilty for not being as active of a #dogmom as I was before, she doesn’t seem to hold it against me. she still looks up to me and loves me unconditionally. And that’s a lot more than I can say now for many of my human friends. Animals are so precious. If you have one in ur life, u know what I mean! I always appreciated her love, but I feel like I appreciate her loyalty and company tenfold now that I have been diagnosed with the cruelly painful #CRPS #ChronicPain My heart goes out to anyone of you nighties out there who are unable to care for your animal loved one anymore and don’t have anyone to help. it would be devastating to me if I had to give her up because of my current disability. If any of you are in this position my advice is to do whatever you can to keep you pet with you as long as their needs r still able to be met. because they love you and would rather be with a disabled you, than an able-bodies someone else. 💓💓💓

I hope her cute picture cheered someone up today as she does for me! ✌️ ❤️ & hope to all my fellow #mightywarriors